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    Yvonne Oots

    Today I am proud

    Today I am proud..... I learned to drop and drag and burn my own CD. My son showed me how..... and I am proud that I did not yell at him one time........
    Another thing I noticed..... I have a ton of research sites..... from dictionaries.... to translating sites..... all kinds of stuff that I use everyday......
    I wonder if we could start posting some of them somewhere here on the board... and share them..... might just be helpful to all of us..... what do you think....

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    Re: Today I am proud

    If I punch enough keys on my keyboard, I can open my CD tray. !!!

    Yes as to posting. I always need more resources. (How's that for being greedy!)

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    M T

    Re: Today I am proud

    A couple of days ago I discovered that my email 'deleted' file appears in alphabetical order! hehe.

    Yvonne I am impressed. Both with the CD burning and the not yelling at son thing. Good for you. Okay, Murg, you're also very talented LoL.

    I agree. It would be great to post our research sites.


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    Lisa Werth


    Proud of you!

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    Jack Jackson

    Re: kudos

    Good for you, Yvonne. I think my computer is too slow to burn CDs....the best I can do is heat them up a little. Isn't it great to have a teen son to help? I automatically assume that parents who berate teenage boys as unmotivated or just plain dumb, don't have comptuers at home.

    Murg: At least you're not calling it a cup holder :-)
    Jack J

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    Yvonne Oots

    Re: kudos

    Below are just a few of the web sites that I have acquired..... I have a ton more.... I have included the websites for the U.K. and U.S. web sites.... I think it would be helpful for the other countries to post their websites for their copyright offices... such as Canada, Australia, Japan etc etc etc....
    Jack:... you mean my computer is not a cup holder.... darn..... and my geeky son is just several tests away from being MCSC cert..... and he is 26 years old.... and he has the patience of a saint when it comes to computers and his mother..... he is such a good kid.....
    Murg:.... keep punching those keys someday you will be as good on the computer as I am..... hehehhehehhehehe.
    MT:..... I didn't know the delete file was in Alaphbetical order thanks for telling me (how cool)......
    Lisa:......... Hows it going girl.... hope you can use the sites....

    Hope the web sites work for everyone.


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    Re: kudos

    Yvonne -- When a friend of mine told me she was burning a CD, I thought she'd set it on fire. For real. I am totally techno-challenged. Lois

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    Re: kudos

    Wow! I never realized I could use it as a cup holder! Goody!

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    Yvonne Oots

    Re: kudos

    you can also use the keyboard as a fly swatter. the mouse as a ball to throw at your cat.... why computers are multi-useful..... why you can even cus at them too.

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    Mary M.

    Re: kudos

    I loved that Lois thought burning a CD was to set it on fire because I'm equally techno-challenged and am fortunate to have a techno-guru for a neighbor.

    Yvonne, I share your pride in not killing your son during his explanation of ANYTHING. Both of my sons are engineers and we talk from different planets even when discussing icing on a cake. If I want to make myself miserable, I need only ask one of them to explain things under the hood of my car. Geeeeeeeze ...

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