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    M T

    Re: metaphors, and a little confession

    LoL, I like the nose hair one.

    I remember a late, drunken night when I was standing outside in the freezing cold. My eyes were pretty bloodshot (I know I know), anyway, a cop screeched to a halt before me and rushed out of his cruiser to yell at me "Your eyes look like two piss holes in the snow!" I thought 'what? my eyes are yellow?' The funny thing was, he realised the failure of his little metaphore just as it left his mouth, and tried to correct it by saying "I mean ... I mean your eyes are bloodshot!" Ha Ha.

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    Erick Scott

    Re: metaphors, and a little confession

    She reminded me of a highway cloverleaf-- built for speed, and curved in all the right places.

    love that one.

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    laura Gibson

    Re: hysterical!

    I hadn't seen those! Priceless!

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    laura Gibson

    Re: metaphors

    If done correctly a wonderfully written metaphor adds resonance to a novel. But if forced, it eats away at the trust between reader and author. Once in awhile I can dole out a good one, but for some reason they usually have something to do with water. More than one a page is too many....White Oleander (one of my favorite novels) is riddled with metaphors. She's got one for every limb and freckle on her protagonist's body. Drives me crazy, but I still love the book. (Okay, I got up off my lazy ass and looked up "metaphor" and it does not have an 'e' on the end).

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    Bob Kellogg

    Her face was a perfect oval...

    like a circle that was squeezed in a Thigh-Master.

    Similes are obvious. "Here comes one," you say when you read the "like." It had better be good.

    Metaphors and analogies are better. Not so obvious, but another way of likening something to something else. It's hard to be original. Here's one that is original, from The Body Artist by Don DeLillo. A masterful job of spicing the narration of everyday action:

    "It happened this final morning that they were here at the same time, in the kitchen, and they shambled past each other fo get things out of cabinets and drawers and then waited one for the other by the sink or fridge, still a little puddled in dream melt, and she ran tap water over the blueberries bunched in her hand and closed her eyes to breathe the savor rising."

    It's the difference between a whack in the face and a tickle.

    Bob K.

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    Re: Her face was a perfect oval...

    Agree - when I see the 'like' I start looking for reasons why the simile won't work. Nasty but true. My nitpicking mutates into a desire to pluck cockroaches from text.

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    Where there's a will ...

    There are usually several relatives waiting to find out what they got.

    And, if you mix the cockroaches from the text with the maggots in the hot oil, what do you serve as a side dish?

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