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    Glen T. Brock

    Re: A taste of bile

    Hello folks,

    I just read all the posts of this string in one sitting and it is indeed pitifull.

    Thomas Edison was once asked what was the key to his genius. He replied "It's one percent inspiration and ninty nine percent perspiration."

    What about Kayla and Gregory and all the others that might not have the skills the rest of us have? It takes courage to put your thoughts down on paper for the world to see. It takes more courage when you know that the world is going to ridicule what you write as well. I think the core of a writer is this courage. It is the courage to write what you think, regardless of what anyone else is going to think about it. You can't get it out of a book, either. It comes from the heart and from the soul.

    Not a single one of us, myself included, knew all the rights and wrongs of grammar and spelling when we started writing. I used to make parlor games out of finding typos in my work. Kayla says she is eighteen years old (or there about). What kind of life experiences do you think she's going to have? How many life experiences did you have at eighteen?

    The longest journey begins with the first step. Please, folks, let's don't trip anybody up on the first step!

    Glen T. Brock

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    Roy Abrahams

    Re: A taste of bile

    Good morning, Glen:

    It is with true respect for you and at the risk of alienating myself that I respond to your post.

    You nicely introduce a very appropriate quote into this fray. Most of us have read it elsewhere, I'm sure, and find it fitting to the topic; aspiring to be writers. Yet you have made no allusions even to the possibility that a goodly number of us have cited, that an element of doubt can be attached to the bona fides of the two persons you mention.

    Speaking for myself alone, I have to say that a problem exists in defending anyone whose actions indicate questionable reasons for those actions. Granted that anyone can question or cast doubt on a questioner's thinking, but the fact remains that some can and do perceive hidden agendas. So it is with myself in this issue and I will not
    make allowances for pretty attitudes that dissuade me from remaining vigilant.

    I'm sure a day of awakening will come for all who spend a goodly amount of time on the net; an awakening to the very real fact that this ether is inhabited by many with purposes other than innocuous for their presence. Until such a time comes that a citizen of the internet can be known exactly for what they profess to be, I will continue to error on the side of caution.

    As the one who bent this thread into the direction it took and maintained on its own volition for so long, I must say I almost regret having done so. Perhaps we could abandon it now; all has been said that could possibly be said. All with any germaine input have spoken. Any continuation can only belabor the known facts and settle nothing.

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    Re: A taste of bile

    I have a good recipe for mushroom omelettes.


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    Keshia Watson

    Re: A taste of bile

    Oh i'm sorry guys but that website url wasn't real, I only meant it as a joke - Sorry

    Roy - you are right, I think we have worn out the tyres on this issue. There is nothing more to say

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    Who is really real...

    I have no opinions to add on Kayla\'s writing. I just read all the posts in this thread. You are right MT, writers are fruitcakes.

    I do have an opinion on \'imposters\'. I am an old-timer to internet BB and chatrooms. I assume everyone is who they say they are. If my bb has 40 active posters and 2 are imposters, I do not benefit from reading posts from the other 38 with a jaundiced eye. I have been burned myself on other boards by \'genuine folk\' who turn out to be (usually) 15 year old acne-ridden hackers getting a laugh on. Unfortunate. The good people who I\'ve connected with and learned from more than make up for it.

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    Glen T. Brock

    Re: Who is really real...


    I am not in the business of adjudicating the bonfides of possible imposters. If they are phoney they will trip themselves up sooner or later. Instead, I respond to the moment. If the content has substance I beleive it deserves response. Who knows? Maybe we are all liars.

    Glen T. Brock

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    Dusty Thompson

    Re: Who is really real...

    Hummmm...if you're looking to get to know the people in this forum, this is the thread.

    half scered to post fer fear I's mite mispelll.

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