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    Quick Question/daily advice

    Hey! I have not been on here posting in quite sometime do to getting ready to graduate high school. I have been quite busy.I do have a fellow question to ask. I have recently been working on a senior research paper.I had research our prison system.I was thinking I could turn that senior paper into a column for a newspaper.Before I could such a task I need to polish my work up greatly.My question is do you think its a good idea for me to do?I do realize my writing needs a lot of work.


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    Roy Abrahams

    Re: Quick Question/daily advice

    You won't find an editor willing to pay for anything written with such poor attention to detail as evidenced in any of your posts. Something is drastically wrong with either your learning abilities or your school's teaching abilities; your graduating from high school appears to be about seven years premature.

    Here's a rundown on why no editor would want you writing for him/her:

    "Hey! (Nice salutation if you're talking to a bunch of bubblegummers)I have not been on here posting in quite sometime do to (should read DUE to) getting ready to graduate (where's the preposition?) high school."

    "I have been quite busy.I do have a fellow question to ask. (just what the heck is a "fellow question"? )

    I have recently been working on a senior research paper.I had research (lacks the past tense "ed" on <research>) our prison system.

    I was thinking I could turn that senior paper into a column for a newspaper. (Doubtful)

    Before I could (could what? Where is the necessary verb?) such a task I need to polish my work up greatly. (No kidding!)

    My question is do you think its a good idea for me to do? (Do what?)

    I do realize my writing needs a lot of work. (The only sensical statement in your posting.)

    Talk about the dumbing down of American high school students!

    Now, all you who may be inclined to defend this high school graduate, please do her a favor and join me in telling her to forget trying to write.

    If she ever gets anything published, I'll eat it and give her an hour to draw a crowd to watch me do it.

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    Re: Quick Question/daily advice

    Just because I write one way on something doesn't mean that I won't write even better something more professional.

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    Keshia Watson

    Re: Quick Question/daily advice

    That is so mean Roy. This week i've seen so many posts where writers were told as youngsters, not to write by their teachers. Yes there are some errors in her grammar, but to go so far as to say that she should never write again is harsh. I know that you (Roy) are not a teacher, but as a published writer you are something to aspire to. Before I read your post I had alot of respect for your knowledge, and would take on board what you would say.
    But now I think I will ignore you, as you have Kayla and her dream to become a writer.

    Well done Kayla for graduating High School, you have alot to learn - as do I. Write write write write and write some more, read books from all genres. Learn the art of writing and master it. If all goes well then you will get published, and then there is the fun ( and publicity) of watching someone eating your book! hehehehe

    Love Keshia X

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    Re: Quick Question/daily advice

    I tend to agree with Roy. I'm amazed that a high school graduate writes this way, too. I won't take the ascerbic tone that he did, but I do suggest you polish your skills and work towards improving your desired craft.

    No editor is willing to give you the time of day if you even attempt to show them something as poorly structured as that.

    However, that doesn't mean you can't come back in a few years with a more polished approach.

    One other thing, Keshia, the proper words are "a lot", not "alot". That's also a clue that your writing skills are subpar.

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    Mary M.

    For Kayla

    Ask an editor at the newspaper if your subject would be one commanding reader interest AFTER you have written and made perfect a few other items for the editor's review.

    You might also want to research the newspaper's archives to see whether the subject has been covered -- say, within the last three years. However, if you intend to write about a specific aspect of the prison system not already covered in previous articles/columns, you would have more freedom to pursue your project.

    I hope you enjoy your graduation and will continue to work hard on perfecting your writing.

    Have you considered interning at your local newspaper?

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: For Kayla

    This isn't the first time that Kayla has asked this question and been told she's not ready to consider writing professionally. (And she has not only asked the general questions; she's asked it separately in relationship to writing novels, short stories, poems, and newspaper articles for money). It's no favor to her or anyone else to leave open a shred of possibility that she could write professionally in any form at this point in her development.

    I'm not at all surprised that the responses to her continuing posing of this question are getting sharper--because she obviously just doesn't get it when it's delivered in a "nicer" code. Actually, I don't think she's going to get it at until she piles up those rejections unless she gets off her duff and goes and gets an education on whatever professional goal she's set for herself before she makes us all suffer by dropping glop into the submissions process.

    Those of you who would give her specific advice on who to submit to and how would be enablers. She's obviously no where near to being ready to do that.

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    Re: For Kayla


    In Kayla's defense, she is still pretty young. She can continue to refine her skills, and perhaps some day get to the level that is necessary. OR, should could be fooling herself.

    Regardless, it isn't our place to tell someone to "Abandon all hope". After all, wasn't Michael Jordan kicked off his highschool basketball team? Look what happened there!

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to pursue a specific path in life. It's WHAT you to do to get yourself there that matters. I didn't expect to become a writer, still can't officially call myself an author, but that doesn't mean I can't TRY to become a published author.

    My son wants to become an astronaut. His eyes are shot and he probably has zero chance of realizing his dream. Still, I won't discourage him from this dream. Not gonna go there.

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    Roy Abrahams

    Re: For Keshia

    Good morning, Keshia:

    I regret that I have disenchanted you to the point where you must ignore my further posts. I also thank you for your prior support. But I will not back away from my stance on this issue nor apologize for being "so mean."

    There have been many times in reading Kayla's posts that I was certain we were being flummoxed by one who enjoyed playing the part of a bumbling child. I hold that suspicion in reserve even now. And why not? Even the post she put up, in response to my citing the obvious, ignored it completely and again she claimed abilities she has never shown.

    If you have been here long enough, you surely have read posts of mine in which I supported young persons who posted their writings and requests for feedback. On at least two occasions, I was taken to task for glorifying a youngster's attempts; it was said by my detractors that I was doing the young person no favors by being impressed by their efforts. The difference between those times and the Kayla issue is this: those others showed at least a modicum of latent talent that clearly deserved support and encouragement; Kayla has only filled the boards with sad proof that at the age of nineteen she has no promise of rising above the level of a deluded wannabe.

    The kind encouragement being given Kayla by some is to be respected and I do that. But I also recognize what Mr. Kessler termed "enablers." Supporting one so utterly incapable of attaining their professed goals is not a favor to that one. Reading such pathetic attempts filled with evidence that the writer continues to disregard the many suggestions for improvement is less than enjoyable.

    An appropriate definition of insanity is...doing the same thing over and over, each time expecting a different result.

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    Lisa Werth

    Troll 2?

    I recall getting into trouble last spring saying this word about another young writer. Actually it may have been my saying the word prima dona. (Whatever) I think the rude awakening helped get that newbie in check.

    I often make typos and other errors in my posts, sometimes I even remember to correct myself, or others enjoy pointing them out to me. However you do need to think before you write: who is your intended audience, what is the real purpose(s) for what you are saying, etc. and are you doing it to the best of your ability.

    I remember writing a paper as a high school senior (20 years ago, super sigh) titled Cuckoos and The Courts, Who Is Guilty and Who is Insane (Subject: Insanity defense.)

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