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    Laura Gibson

    "Drunk and in charge of a bicycle."

    This is one of Ray Bradbury's chapters from "Zen in the Art of Writing," and just saying these words aloud sends my eight year old into a fit of giggles. Have any of you read it? "In quickness there is truth." Write in a white hot fury! "In hesitation there is thought. The more swiftly you write the more honest you are." I love this guy...the book's a morsel compared to other books on writing, fat and dripping with cream and empty calories, but it is rich, and satisfying and so light it can be devoured in an afternoon. Thought I'd share this little gem...for any of you out there that might be looking for some good reading.

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    Lindi Hobbs

    Re: "Drunk and in charge of a bicycle."

    So his advice is to write fast? I love it! Maybe that's my problem. I agonize over every sentence. Thanks for sharing, Laura.

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    Gregory Robinson

    Re: "Drunk and in charge of a bicycle."

    Well you all know i agree with it. I am all for unedited footage (or writing). Other times its best to write.
    1) Right after sex.
    2) Right after getting the coveted book contract which will enable you to live out of hotel rooms and sign books for the rest of your life.
    3) right after you saw a good movie.
    4)Just before you're gonna eat pizza (my favorite food)
    5)just before a job interview (that way you feel your heart beating in nervous anticipation)
    6)Just before sex (speaking of nervous anticipation)
    7)Just before a blind date. I love blind dates. I love going on them. I love hearing about them.

    Speaking of dating. Here's one of mine.

    I like to think of myself as a fantastic dater. Seriously, ladies I am mr excitment. Here's how my date went. I met Sandy when i worked in an afterschool program teaching english to kids who really needed it (this is before i graduated college). I was just an average chicago joe lookin to get out and get over. All the guys who worked in that program were hard up and all the girls who worked in the program were all tight legged. but we all found some moments of levity. We were all just basically people who wanted to amount to something but not sure what.
    You've all experienced my banter in here and I was pretty much the same back then only goofier. I was the guy in the office who told lots of jokes and lemented how I missed the 80's. I made a big splash in the early days of that program, but after awhile people just came to expect nothing but levity from me. Then Sandy was hired.
    She and i didn't have much to say to each other at first except, "hello" and "goodbye". But i was always struck by her beauty and took every opportunity (when she wouldn't notice) to look her up and down. She had brown hair, big blue eyes, a wide smile, and she was the only one to greet me with a smile when I saw her. After a few more days of fanticizing about her I went up to her as she sat and wrote in her notebook and said, " you must be from tennesee cause you're the only TEN I SEE here tonight."
    She started laughing like I was some puppy in a cage chasing his own tail. And she kept laughing and laughing and laughing. I laughed as well to remove how odd it was that she found what I said so humorous. I had gave her a comment afterall.
    "Uhhhhh, Sandy? Sooooo, tell me about you." I said.
    "HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA " was her only responce.
    " What do you think about his job?"
    "What do you think about life?"
    "Wanta get some tea?"
    And as I got up from the couch and made my way out of the lounge I could still here her laughing so hard she started to tear up. I just couldn't understand.
    The next day came around and once again sandy was sitting on the couch. So, I tried again. i sat next to her and said........

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    Re: "Drunk and in charge of a bicycle."

    Wrong book, mate. That's "Zen and the Art of Dating" - a whole different ballgame. You are clearly one of its monks.


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    Vanessa Doctor

    Re: "Drunk and in charge of a bicycle."

    i should get this book. thanks!

    to gregory, what were you thinking??? hahahaha!!

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    Re: "Drunk and in charge of a bicycle."

    Thanks for the title!

    Gregory, Gregory, Gregory,
    What can I say? I never can quite tell if you're here to learn how to become a better writer, or to pick up chicks. I swear, someone could post about how to approach the delicate topic of inflamed hemorrhoids in their memoir, and even that would prompt you to go off on some sexual fantasy tangent. (Yeah, yeah, I know. Donít encourage him!)


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