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Thread: Robin Williams

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    everybody go to your respective corners!

    Okay, now. Breathe. Breathe. It's going to be all right! We're getting a little venemous here. Let's agree that we all don't agree. But radical right wingers, radical left wingers, and middle of the roaders should still be able to sit down at a table together for a bit of conversation without any bloodletting.

    Toby, IT'S A JOKE!
    Such angry invectives and slanderous accusations are uncalled for. Step back and take a deep breath. Get some sleep. You'll be all right in the morning.

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    Roy Abrahams

    Re: everybody go to your respective corners!

    Toby....... You say "how American" and I wonder, compared to what? Perhaps he should have spoken from a Taliban perspective? Admittedly, doing so would have not come across as "right wing crap." But then, the alternative to that promises too much more of NPR diatribe.

    So, Linton, can you accomodate this person who is always here to help?

    Personally, I like Reese' suggestion he take a step back. Of course, it would help if he were standing as far out as possible on Angel Point with his back to the Grand Canyon when he does that.

    Looks like we have another snert who has yet to graduate from reform school.

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    linton lewis

    Re: everybody go to your respective corners!

    Thanks for running intererence for me Lindi and Reece, But I can take care of myself.

    Let's see...Toby or not toby? That is the question. Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous toby. Or to take up words against his sea of troubles and by opposing humiliate him.

    Oh and toby I didn't steal this. I made it up myself.

    y'all come

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    Hamish (WritersNet)

    Before this deteriorates further...

    ...let's move on.



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    Re: Before this deteriorates further...

    Yeah, it's a joke, but it's still queasy. Has anyone seen the "jokers" on the Fox News Breakfast Show? To English ears some of that stuff beggars belief.


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    Re: Before this deteriorates further...

    While we're all being soooooo American --

    How many of you voted today if you had the opportunity or helped soneone else get to the poles that had no transportation, diabled, etc.? Time well spent!
    Just curious.


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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Before this deteriorates further...

    Would have looked pretty silly showing up to vote where I live, D, as it isn't voting day here (or most anywhere else in the United States, I would bet). (And if I helped someone else get to the polls repeat polls where I am, I'd be arrested and thrown in jail--I'm an election official, and such activity is taboo for us.) Good for you if you did that, though. :-)

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