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Thread: Is there a?

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    Is there a?

    Is there a certain way to write a story? What i mean is writing a story within the confounds of rules the case today? Do you ever find yourself falling in line with these rules?. - just a question
    all the best

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    Re: Is there a?

    in line with the rules? I guess, since the powers that be determine if I get published in the conventional way or not.
    rules as I understand them
    a hook, the middle, the ending
    conflict, more conflict, conflict on conflict, conflict to the nth power
    A memorable climax that do justice to all of those endless conflicts
    mememorable characters who are well developed.
    A Protagonist for the reading public to feel some emotion
    Ditto for the antagonist
    A definite Calgon moment in time.
    A moral or theme, something to think about once the book is closed.
    A story that is a good read to be read over and over again.
    A story worthy of the price and space it takes up on the shelf.
    my take on rules
    thank you for asking the question

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    Reese Greer

    Re: Is there a?

    Now let me get this straight. You are a starving artist of the creative writing variety. You are seeking to write something worthy of publication. You are probably an unknown in the field and you want to write this magnus opus without adhering to any proscribed forms or rules of order. Is that about it?

    Well, the answer is, no. You do not have to follow the rules of order in formulating your masterwork. But if you are going to break the rules, you had best: 1) Know those rules inside and out, backward and forward, as intimately as your own skin; and 2) It would be good if your name were Clive Cussler, or Kurt Vonnegut.

    In other words ... if you want to be a successful PAID, PUBLISHED author, you need to follow logical form. Not only will the PTB appreciate being able to follow your story, but you stand a far better chance of making a sale if they can.

    If, on the other hand, you don't care about being either paid or published, you can write anything you want. It's all for your own amusement anyway.

    Bear in mind that, once you fully know and own the rules of creative writing (which, in my book, means being able to spell at least ninety-five percent of all words used) you might be able to manipulate them a bit. But that's a tough trick to do exceptionally well and that is what would be required to produce a marketable manuscript.

    Good luck and good writing.

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    linton lewis



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    Keshia Watson

    Put in another way...........

    Thankyou for your replies. I wasn't really talking about myself personally. I think sometimes when your willing to bend the rules, sometimes you can end up making a totally new genre or a fad. What i meant to ask is how many of you, let go of your inhabitions when writing? Just go with the flow? I sometimes feel that your greatest work comes to you when you let go and stop ' thinking inside the box'.
    Even when i'm writing this message, i'm stopping myself from saying certain things, trying so hard to make you understand. And This is the real question, does our insecurities and our own inhabitions stop us from creating a masterpiece. - ?????

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    Re: Put in another way...........

    yes...in a word a resounding YES......Y. E .S
    If we were to write as we want, carefree, unihibited. Who would read it? Many would turn their starchy stuck up nose at it. Declaring it rubbish, unfit for the eyes,retarded, assaulting the gentile set. butchering the language,grammatically incorrect and a host of other negatives thought. Hence, one must write as predetermined by the literary set.
    I also question what we accept as fact.
    Because the history books were written by certain folks. (white males) They wrote those books to favor themselves. Who really knows the other side of the story.
    Who accept the many Bibles as written? where is the first bible. How do we know a grape isn't an orange. Of course, we are told a grape is a grape by parents, teachers ,and farmers, and whomever else. Suppose there was a misprint and things got changed. Noone noticed and it got passed on down through history as a mistake. Yes, there were misprint as today there are still misprints.
    Suppose, just suppose some nobody really discovered the light bulb but Edison being both a white and male stole the invention. It has happened and still happens. Money talks and bs walks.(Power too)
    thank you

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Put in another way...........

    Hmm. Ariel Durant and Barbara Tuchman are going to be really p----d when they find out that history books are only written by males. My goodness, you do write in a carefree, unihibited style, Julia. No concern for grammer, punctuation, spelling, or evenhandedness. Here, have an orange grape, I'm sure you'll feel better when your boyfriend comes back. Must have been quite a fight.

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    Re: Put in another way...........

    He is used to my ranting and ravings.
    btw, what's a grammer?
    good you look for the delivery..here comes the pitch.

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    Roy Abrahams

    Re: Put in another way...........

    Gary......as long as we're making up a fruit basket for Julia, I'll throw in a handful of purple oranges. I will guarantee they were not grown by white males "assaulting the gentile set." But they are genetically enhanced to produce a magical understanding of how to compose more than two words in a cogent manner, free of spelling and grammatical errors.

    Ah, the wonder of it all.

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Put in another way...........

    Oh, My G a w d, I misspelled "grammar." Won't even pretend I did it on purpose. I knew that reading on this discussion board would take its toll on my spelling skills. Nice catch, Julia.

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