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    Amy Winter

    How to overcome writers block?

    Can anyone give me any clues as to how to get over writers block?


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    Gary Kessler

    Re: How to overcome writers block?

    Go do something else and come back to it periodically until you click back in.

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    Chris Graham

    Re: How to overcome writers block?

    Good advice, Gary. That also works for me...I just walk away and turn my attention to something else, be it an hour, a day, a week....

    Next thing I know I'm itching to write again.

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    linton lewis

    Re: How to overcome writers block?

    Try skipping that part and going on to something else. Then come back to it. If you're still blocked maybe it was destined not to be.

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    M T

    Re: How to overcome writers block?

    Amy, go back about 6 'older messages' in this forum (writing craft) and open up the string "I have a disease". There are some very good posts in there about overcoming writers block. Good Luck!

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    Roger Duval

    Re: How to overcome writers block?


    I sat here for an hour and could not come up with any additional suggestions :-)


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    Re: How to overcome writers block?

    Cut down your reading, writing of a non-creative sort, watching talky television shows, holding long complex conversations with people.

    Increase sleep, dance, walks, non-talky nights out, and non-verbal activities like cooking, crafts, art, gardening, yoga, sports, or whatever.

    Your psychic creative energy might be dispersing before you get to the writing desk.


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    Matt H

    Re: How to overcome writers block?

    Put your ass in the chair and write. It doesn't matter if it's horrible, inconsequential, verbose, or a flaming diatribe against buttheads like me who brook no excuse, bang the keys, put down words, piss and moan, bitch and complain, stage a fight, kill a charachter, rob a bank, let someone have an affair, fall in love, get betrayed or do the betraying.......it doesn't matter, just write.

    And ignore all the well meaning but deeply flawed advice given above.


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    Amy Winter

    Re: How to overcome writers block?

    well, thanks much to everyong but the last guy that posted, just writing random @!#$ in the past has never worked and i've been freelance writing fictional work for two years now...

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    Reese Greer

    Re: How to overcome writers block?


    A writer friend of mine once told me that, when he feels the writing juices drying up, he thiniks of the worst thing in the world that could happen to his characters ... and then he makes it happen!

    Perhaps Matt's suggestions were a little abrupt and harsh but there is a germ of validity in what he had to say. Don't try to push your way through your current project. Sometimes you become so deeply immersed in the story that you become numb to it. You have three alternatives. They are:
    1) Try starting (or continuing) work on some other project.

    2) Try writing ANYTHING else. Begin a journal of your daily activities. Write about what happened yesterday. No matter how bad it is, sometimes all you need is to just be writing.

    3) Take a step (or ten or twenty or one hundred) away from the writing process altoghether. Don't write anything at all. Don't push yourself so far into burn out that you wind up with nothing but ashes. Do something to restore your spirit. Forcing yourself to write when your brain or spirit is not in it is totally non-productive.

    Sometimes one thing works better than another. Sometimes it takes a day - sometimes an hour - sometimes weeks. Sometimes it is something external that is causing the block. In that case, not much is going to help until you figure out what the problem is and deal with that.

    When all else fails, however, try a long hot soak in a bathtub with the lights out, the music turned low, a bottle of wine (and preferably someone to share it with). Or go out and buy a six-pack of beer, or Jack Daniels, or Glen Livet, or whatever your favorite toxic water-based indulgence, and fill up until your mind lets go. Not recommended on a frequent basis but it CAN help if taken in small doses.

    Good Luck!

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