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Thread: Please critique

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    Re: Lighten Up

    My contact lenses have never even jaywalked. My bifocals, on the other hand, are wanted in three states.


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    Bob Kellogg

    Goliardys, I genuflect.

    Awesome analysis. And you punctuated it with movement in the bowels. Imagine.

    It's an inspiring example of the fruits of higher education.

    Bob K.

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    Roy Abrahams

    Wow......I got hate mail!

    The below made its way into my email box this evening rather than being put on this thread where it belongs. To make up for that oversight, I am sharing it. My answer follows it:


    I can only assume you haven't acquired the beauty of wisdom that comes with age! I love humor, I love creativity, I love mankind. What I don't love are people who think they are the only ones who have a thought and refuse to accept legitimate criticism. You'll never make in the writer's world if you don't expand your horizons! Why do I feel I'm wasting my breath on deaf ears that have no real appreciation for how precious time is and how foolish it is to waste it with meaningless tripe? Hope you wake up before you're too old to smell the roses for what they're really worth. Try again! You haven't dampened my spirits a bit!!!!

    * * * * * * * * * * *

    I acquired "the beauty of wisdom" many years ago. Part of that wisdom involves knowing to
    not waste any kind or amount of pity on one capable of writing such an unnecessary poison pen
    letter as that one. You speak of legitimate criticism but your words indicate you have no real
    understanding of such.

    As for not making it in the writer's world, you may be disappointed to know how well I have already succeeded. So, yes, you are wasting your breath on deaf ears. But I imagine everyone who knows you well has mastered selective perception.

    Dampen your spirits? Is that what you call it when someone waters down your liquor supply?

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    Reese Greer

    fruits and bowels: hate mail or hate male?

    First of all, it's the fruit that caused the bowel movement. Okay?

    Secondly, why all this invective? Obviously poor Dolores rides a horse 47 hands tall and can't get off! Her mutilation of cob-webbed aphorisms and idioms in an attempt to try to put Roy in what she has apparently determined is his proper place is, sadly, applied. I have, on frequent occasion, seen responses to requests for critique and comment wherein the authors take this as carte blanche to re-write someone's work or, misinterpreting the intent of the work, send the work off in the wrong direction, or, in most cases, they offer their own voice to another's work. This is would take strong exception to.

    Contact lenses with criminal records and anti-social stained glass windows are a welcome relief from the very stodgy, top-drawer, "I'm a real writer, you're not" kind of snobbery that bogs down the flow of genuine creativity that should be the mainstay of this site.

    A little giggle never hurt anyone --- Did it?
    Snabble snurp snorby, snick?

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    Roy Abrahams

    To Reese......

    As you must have seen, the post that started this thread had nothing to commend it to serious critique, let alone a request for same. This being so obvious, it became open season for anyone wanting to fire off a few rounds. And, in that spirit, many did. But along came that inordinately tall horse you so easily recognized. Astride it was a harpy superciliously slashing out with its long tongue at mortals being creatively irreverent, iconoclastic, or vapid. Ah, the pitfalls awaiting the unwary.

    But all of us here are wary. Perceptively so. Knowing the nature of creativity's enemy, we are able to throw up our shields and fend off the fire and brimstone as well asthe stinking breath accompanying the sparks.

    My kingdom for a hearse!

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    Gary Kessler


    I acquired the "Beauty of Wisdom" 35 years ago myself. Her name is Evelyn. What I find particularly beautiful is that she has the wisdom to fix cars, plumb drains, rewire light sockets, and do business accounting in addition to the willingness to order my medicines, remember my relatives' birthdays, stand next to me on reviewing stands during terrorist threats, and not suggest that my writing/art/stagecraft habits are grounds for divorce.

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    Sheer gen

    Re: Beauty/Wisdom

    That Wisdom is indeed Beautiful (and Bountiful.)

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Beauty/Wisdom

    Just trying to take the sting out of the string. Not that it isn't true. Last cocktail party we went to, I was telling a couple of writers that if my wife died first, I'd immediately have to sell the house because I didn't know where either of the thermostats are located. My wife wafted by and informed me that our house has three, not two, thermostats. The two writers I was talking to, in unison, said "What's a thermostat?"

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    Sheer gen

    Re: Beauty/Wisdom

    Good for those writers that their wives didn't hear them. And didn't Evelyn say to you later, 'You must have a more animate reason than a thermostat in your mind when conjecturing my demise'? :-)
    Here's to long and healthy lives to the great couple!

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