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Thread: Please critique

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    Please critique

    Some contact lenses have no respect for the law. Stain glass windows are not compatable with niacin. Sneeble, snarble, snooble, snoo. Snibbly, sneeblu, snarbly, snib!

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    Karen Dionne

    Re: Please critique

    Shouldn't that be "Stained glass?"

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    Re: Please critique


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    Re: Please critique

    Excuse me? Can anyone clue me in as to what needed to be critiqued, and more importantly, what the heck a sneeble is?

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    Roger Duval

    Re: Please critique

    I think it's ready for the big time. Congrats!


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    Roy Abrahams

    Re: Please critique

    I saw the nickey as a warning. My vision is clear. One word left out.......snert

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    Re: Please critique

    This stuff is brilliant. May I send you my standard contract? For a mere $250 I can get your work into the right hands. You and I will both make a ton of $$ if we play our cards right.

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Please critique

    Congratulations, Sneeble! I understand that you already have an agent! I am just so giggly, giggly pleased for you that I can hardly keep my bunnie slippers on.

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    F Walter

    Re: Please critique

    You have bunnie slippers too Gary? What is this a conspiracy? Is the world overrun by fuzzy, fluffy, footwear, with ears?
    Makes me think of Monty Python and the words "Its only a rabbit" start racing round my head. Also brings to mind the film Day of the Leapus. Anyone else seen that or was I the only child subjected to such nonesense. Oh great my minds been perverted by Rabbits I think I'm developing bunny-phobia or maybe its hoppy-phobia (no thats probably Kangaroos) Oh look now I'm making about as much sense as sneeble up there. Guess I'll go have a nice cup of fruit tea and stick my tape of Watership Down on.
    When the Bunny slipper gathering is about to commence can somone let me know, so I can run.

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    Re: Please critique

    Well done. Sneeble your piece got its 15 minutes of fame.
    Niacin, a dialator. contact lens clear. stained glass not clear. niacin disperses the stain. so contact lens stopped the Sneeble, snarble, snooble, snoo. Snibbly, sneeblu, snarbly, snib!

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