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Thread: How to critique

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    Thinking alike

    Sorry to regurgitate what you said - must have been doing the simultaneous post thing again.

    Great minds...


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    Bob Kellogg

    70 posts! A record, I'll bet.

    We may not ever get such a tedious charge and counter-charge again. Hamish will intervene. We'll look back at this time as the Golden Age, when egos raged.

    Oh, yes. This makes 71. Wow!

    Bob K.

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    M T

    Re: 70 posts! A record, I'll bet.

    hi Bob! Care for a bun?

    that makes 72

    actually, I'm just sick and tired of working on my query, become overwhelmed and actually quite retarded over it. So I came back here to babble. But I'm not fighting, too lethargic today.... perhaps I'll have a bun....

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