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    Righteous rage not good for elderly

    Absolutely right as always! But, Granny, make sure you take your false teeth out before you get over-excited and don't rock too fast in that rocking chair of yours...

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    "Helping" verbs

    By this time tomorrow, Frank will have been being slapped silly by Joan for a solid week. future perfect progressive in the passive. Perfectly legit, but an example of over use of auxilliary verbs.


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    Re: "Helping" verbs

    I'm tired of being jumped on, whether with righteous indignation or just plain ole meanness, but I'm outta here.

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    Jane Forsman

    Come back, Murg!

    Come back, Murg!! Come baaaaaack!!

    (envision the last scene of SHANE)

    Come baaaaaaaack!!!

    Don't mind Granny, she herself admitted to some crankiness. Some people get a little too crabby in their old age.

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    M T

    Granny's gettin fiesty

    Murg, just humour dear old Granny, like a lot of oldsters, she gets crabby when her rhumatiz starts acting up ... Yelp! Granny just hooked me with her cane! That dame's got a lotta life in er yet! Better sprinkle a little sumthin in er oatmeal to calm er down!

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    Karen Dionne

    Nothing to get worked up about -

    - really!

    Sorry your feelings were hurt, Murg - goodness knows I've experienced that here too, but honestly - I didn't see anything in Granny's post that could be construed as jumping on you.

    Thing is, this is the writing craft board, where, among other things, we discuss the finer points of punctuation grammar - something Granny happens to be very good at, and I appreciate her input. So you made a mistake; no big deal. Granny's corrected my grammar before too. Grumpy or not, up in years or not, she's a good teacher, and thanks to her post, now I understand past perfect tense just a little bit better.


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    M T

    Granny's a young wipper-snapper

    The funniest thing about all of this is ... Granny's not even old! HAHAHA! I heard she's middle aged like some (not you Jane NYAAA!) of us!

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    It's not the years

    Honey, it's the mileage.

    Murg, I wasn't jumping on you. Goodness knows, you aren't nearly nearly the only one on this board who has called an any verb tense with an auxiliary passive voice. It's just my personal cranky button because I see it all over the web.

    You oughta just do what Klaw did and call me an ol' black widda' spider.


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    Jane Forsman

    Three Stooges

    I don't know why that made me laugh so hard, MT, but it did! I'm still chuckling to myself over here. I think it was the "NYAAA" that did it - you sounded like such a stooge.

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    M T

    Re: Three Stooges

    hehehe I'm the one with the cool bangs!

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