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    Beyond beyond Iraq

    Appreciated the great thoughts. Very helpful in focusing.

    Now for a more focused question:

    In the post-Iraq environment, what would be a suitable nation to use as a scapegoat should we want to punish someone for an attack lacking any credible evidence for who actually did it?

    More specifically, If you really wanted to "clean up Dodge" in terms of a country who provides the most funding and manpower to terrorist organizations, but may be powerful enough to make us think twice before villifying their pseudo-cooperative governments, who would it be? Pakistan, Syria?

    Thanks in advance, Jeff

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Beyond beyond Iraq

    Texas? Florida?

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    Yvonne Oots

    Re: Beyond beyond Iraq/Gary

    You forgot California???

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    marie ohmy


    jerry falwell says it's always the lesbians. i'm sure he knows. after all, he solved the tinky winky mystery.


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    Re: falwell

    France? They seem to hate us these days...

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    Re: falwell

    Oh, I got it! Canada! Did any of you see CANADIAN BACON? I just read this hilarious review of it, made by two Canadians: http://www.mutantreviewers.com/rcanadian.html

    Sorry, Jeff. Honestly, I think I'd say Iran.

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    Richard Fulgham

    Re: next attack

    Kashmir. And I'm serious. What better place for OBL to hide than a contested region between two nations armed with nuclear weapons, like India and Pakistan? I've always wondered why the USA hasn't looked in Kashmir, which borders Afghanistan. What better hiding place for terrorists?

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    Lawrance George Lux

    Re: next attack

    Osama bin Laden is living in a mansion about eleven miles outside the Saudi capital, according to sources who I trust. The Saudi are also the largest Contributors to Terrorist organizations of all in the World. I sincerely believe the effort against Saddam has more to do with his independence from Saudi-set World Oil prices, than with weapons of mass destruction.

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