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    Need to not feel so drained...

    Okay, so I have classes, and then homework and exercising. The thing is, on weekends, usually I'm all drained out with no energy to write. I honestly do want to be published and a famous author, I'm just really tired...any way to motivate to write?

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    P B

    Re: Need to not feel so drained...

    Make it the priority after the homework. If you're drained with no energy to write, then you're not ready or yet inspired to write.

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    Re: Need to not feel so drained...


    Do you want to write or be published and famous. Sometimes you can't have both.

    First, per MattH - apply ass the chair. (Thanks MattH, I'm still laughing over that one.)

    Clear your head of all distractions. Write from your heart and not what you think will 'sell'.

    If you don't feel like writing, then read.

    DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT reach for the remote control.

    Best Luck.


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    Re: Brenda B

    Hehe, yeah grabbing the remote is probably not the best idea. I had a new idea of setting up some time, like sort of a limit on myself and then write as much as possible, then a week later, look over it and see if it's anything good, do this everyday... hopefully it'll work to be something worth keeping. Thanks =)

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    Gary Kessler


    Time taken up with classes, homework, exercise? Is this where you are finding the source for your writing--themes pouring out of these activities that compel you to write? If not, your tiredness may be your body showing more common sense than you are. Writing--especially for publication--isn't just another activity you can sign up for to have a great résumé for college applications.

    This may be a good time to include creative writing and some cultural offerings in your classes and then when you aren't quite as busy cramming activities in, take time to observe your surroundings (including travel to other surroundings to give you perspective) and other people and form some deep (and balanced) images and concepts about life that you believe are worth sharing before you actually start writing for publication.

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    Sully Magma

    Re: Drained

    What perfect harmony among P.B., Brenda, and Gary.

    P.B. opens up the can of worms, Brenda pulls them out, and Gary classifies them. Wow! I couldn't have put it any better.

    I'd been taking classes, and other extracurricular activities for upteem years before I realized I was running from the REAL work of writing...apply ass to chair, but not until, as Gary put it succinctly, you observe and define the world around you; make it something you see as important enough about which to write, then apply the blood, sweat and tears to the project. Damn! you guys on this site are good!


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    Pat Brogan

    Re: Drained

    first and foremost write for yourself and not to become famous... i know that is why i found the time and energy to write...

    pat brogan

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    Brady Boyd

    Re: Drained

    Force yourself to write at least one sentence of your story, then do your homework. Hopefully your muse will nag you enough that once you're done with your homework, you'll go back and follow up with another sentence. And then a paragraph, a scene, a chapter, a book, a series, and whole body of work!!!

    Or, pretend. Abby, I'm a wealthy dingbat, and I will pay you $1000 dollars for every page of writing you complete. You don't feel so tired now, if you pretend good enough.

    And remember, as Hemmingway said, "The first draft is always @!#$." So sit down and write some @!#$.

    Brady Boyd

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    Re: Drained

    LOL, well it is some good point. The first time I got into writing was in embarrassingly enough... a diary...and I do capture everything, like on vacation for example... I can remember the weather, the light breeze, the stars sparkling, the smell of food, the sounds all around me... I could put down a lot more detail, but you get the pic. Anywho... I suppose that I should instead "sit my ass in the chair" and write. An author recently visited and suggested that taking workshops is good, but not so many to the point of where your learning the same stuff repeatly. I do want to write, honestly... being published tho isn't something that you shouldn't want to have, it's not a sin. I write because I want to bring emotion, true emotion to the reader... sort of like drama like on the tv station tnt, but instead it's written. To write stories that change the way people think and feel about all sorts of subjects...so no offense but I know that I want to write, I just need to sit my booty down and start..but it was good that you all pointed that out, I thought workshops and such would be the answer, but forcing myself is better...Thanks! =)

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    If you "honestly want to be a published and famous author," then you'll find the energy to do so, including being motivated to write. Those who really want to write, do, the rest just talk and make excuses.

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