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    Re: To everyone who wrote back to me

    Matt, that's some good advice that you have. Lane- Yep I agree, amen to Matt's advice. Lisa, that's true and I suppose it wouldn't hurt to write something down even if I don't have a whole draft on that one idea. Glen- lol that sort of rocks in a way..and majorly awesome that all the police had advice for you =D Richard- lol, well I'm glad that I'm not Dear Abby, anywho... I guess I shouldn't expect to have my book done within the year =/ but good advice also. Picture book- wish I could stay up till 4am but it's impossible since I get up at 6am =/ Fran- I completely agree with you on the housework, one time my mom was sick in bed all day, so I had to do the housework and it was a lot of work. I suppose it would be in my best interest not to try to get everything done in a certain amount of time like you said.

    Anywho, thanks to everyone that wrote back to me =)

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    Pamela Taylor

    Re: To everyone who wrote back to me

    Abby, I have to get up at seven am. I was up till three last night writing. When I'm in full tilt mode, I'll do that three or four nights a week. We just have to learn how to deal with sleep deprivation.

    Of course, those of us with children who were once young know how to function with zero sleep and still manage to be coherent. (My twins were up, on or the other one of them, every hour on the hour for eleven months, four hours of sleep in a row still seems a luxury!)

    I have to admit, I like to write in big blocks of time, squeezing in ten minutes here or half an hour there doesn't work very well for me, I can't get the flow going in such a short time. I do listen to music. I used to listen exclusively to classical, which I adore, but I found for my latest work, I've been listening to oldies -- I tend to be able to tune them out more than the classical and it covers up other distracting noises.

    Glen, great story!


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    Brady Boyd

    Re: To everyone who wrote back to me

    I wrote my first novel during a time when I was working full time during the day, and going to school full time at night. Now that I'm graduated, I have more time to get things done and I'm getting less done.

    What this tells me is that I had precious little time and I made valued it as such.

    Make the most of every moment and you'll get a lot done. What I have to do now is schedule time every night, and then schedule other things around it; therefore it becomes a time to write--not a time to think about writing (or post about writing, hee hee).

    Brady Boyd

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