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    Re: I Reckon

    Oops. After having actually gotten to the end of this thread, I realize I am avoiding working on the revisions to my MS. Here I've almost used up my son and husband's naptime.

    I have two comments.

    1. I have wondered the same thing Nathan has: are we helping anyone by trying to fix up awful query letters knowing the manuscripts must be just as bad? I don't have much time these days to read posted query letters, but if I do open one, I respond only if I think it has some merit. Otherwise, I think I'd being doing the writer an injustice.

    2. I'd love to sit out on the front porch with Gran and talk about, oh, all kinds of things. Since I can't do that, I'll recommend a book of poetry you could read on your porch--if your northern abode has one. Catching Light, by Kathryn Stripling Byer. A wonderful book for Southern ladies growing wise with age.

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    Glen T. Brock


    Y'all are getting me hungry! Do you put cinamon on that tater pie or nutmeg?

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    Yvonne Oots


    Don't know what tater pie you ben eaten boy, but I use nothin' but kentucky bourbon, a little butter, and good backin' time in a slow stove.

    Your not southern are ya now boy!

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    Jack Klaw


    Granny says:
    You have a lot of anger you aren't dealing well with, Sweetie. Here, have a cookie and snuggle up next to the fire. Breathe deeply.

    This "kick the dog" thing you have going with Gary isn't productive.

    Klaw says:
    Thank you for the analysis, Granny. Don't give up your day job, if you have one. Did you have anything to say about the topic itself?

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    Well, child, yes I did. Were you so busy obsessing about Gary that you missed everyone else's contribution to the thread? You really ought to be careful about that chip on your shoulder. It's making you walk funny.


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    Yvonne Oots


    lolololol you are just to southern girl.
    Sit now and take the weary offen' yor feet....

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    Jack Klaw

    Writing 101: Rustic Inventions

    Some writers will use the invention of rustic good will in an attempt to avoid reason, common sense or the subject at hand. Sister to the sugar-coated black widow approach, this quasi-artistic device is popular because it requires no actual thought or consideration. What's more, it's a good platform from which to launch ad hominum attacks and personal invective and still seem like a pleasant or decent person. Writers who use this ploy feel they can imply a deeper wisdom that springs from purer ancestral loins. Try not to be fooled by this. While an occasional rose does sprout in manure, it is far outnumbered by the toadstools.

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    Hamish (WritersNet)

    Before this deteriorates further...

    ...let's get back to talking about writing rather than talking about talking about writing.

    This perennial topic always ends without consensus. Bottomline: people take different approaches to discussion and that's okay.

    While I acknowledge a need for writers to understand and practice good grammar, no one here is an absolute paragon of grammar and I am will not allow these forums to take on some elitist tone that scares away people who want to participate.

    My advice would be: avoid posting in haste for anything but quick comments--the faster the post is posted the higher the incidence of typos and stupid mistakes, in my experience. Oh. And a walk around the backyard to walk off frustration/anger is always a good idea.

    Now. There is some really interesting discussion going on in the Literary Agents Forum.


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    Re: Before this deteriorates further...

    I confess, I tend to worry way more about getting my story down and my point across than obbsessing over semicolon placement. Plus I am not obbsessive compulsive enough to write my posts in word and apple-c/apple-v them over here. Only one thing can help me it seems. Yes it's time to bust out the School House Rock DVD. Hmmm should I start out with Interjections? How 'bout Conjunction Junction? Everybody loves that one.

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