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    k andrews

    Actually finishing

    I've been working, for the last six months, on some agent-reuqested revisions before resubmitting to this agent , and others, in the New Year.

    I've done an incredible amount fo work over the last few months and am probably about 100 working hours (ie. four-five weeks, I have a day job) away from finishing.

    But an awful lethargy has come upon me. I am procrastinating - or sit with ms in hands or on screen just stairing at screen / paper. I am not normally like this at all!

    I wonder that maybe I'm scared of finishing and going out there with it. Maybe I'm just tired.

    Does anyone have anything to say that might motivate me? I mean particulrarly in regard to finishing that final draft - tips from any who've finished (I mean really finished, I thought I'd finished six months ago!) ms??

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    Jason Saunders

    Re: Actually finishing

    Hey, count your blessings. You’re a lot further along the road than a lot of us. Just think back to the time when you were sending out your submissions and receiving nothing back but form printed rejections. Now look where you are. You’ve got something going here. Enjoy it. And if all else fails, just remember you’ve got a life – unlike those countless millions that simply veg out on the sofa expecting the TV to entertain them until their impending heart attacks. You’re doing this because it’s in you. Finish it, and think of the satisfaction you’ll get then.

    Best of luck


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    Rachel E. Cole

    Oh, how I can relate!

    I'm in the same boat (though, you're ahead of me, I've yet to finish my first draft). I was plugging along with the story and then Pfffft! my enthusiasm inexplicably fizzled. I've tried everything I can think of to figure out what went wrong, to rekindle my excitement for the project, but so far, no luck.

    I think I just need a break. Maybe you do too?

    There comes a time where you just get too close to the story and start to lose your objectivity, to forget 'the point'.

    My suggestion: Don't flog the dead horse. Instead, try taking a break. Put your ms away and don't think about it for a few weeks or a month. Then pull it out and reread it. Hopefully then you'll fall in love with your characters and story all over again and can continue on to the end.

    Hang in there. I understand this happens a lot. We just have to work through it as best we can.


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