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    Bob Kellogg

    Re: The craft

    You're right, Lisa, there is a craft in writing queries. It's a different craft than writing novels, or articles. It's closer to writing advertising copy than anything else, I think.

    Here's something tha might help: think about how you would get people to watch it on televeision. The one-sentence that the agent told you about? That would be in the TV Guide listing. The three-sentence paragraph? That would go in the sidebar if the magazine thought it was notable.

    I hope that can help you focus on the story from the outside looking in.

    Bob K.

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    P. Rajaswal

    Re: The craft

    Lisa, it would not be such a bad idea if more people "doubted their work...and wouldn't try to get published."
    I base this comment on just what I have read here on WN from the professional agent, as well as the statistics of failure rate and unpublishable sluch per centages quoted.
    This does not mean I think you are one of them. I have never read your book, so how could I have an informed opinion, in either direction?
    I merely proposed a question to you in my previous post.
    Now I will propose another, an even more general one.
    Why do you take the basic premise that all writers should be encouraged to have confidence in their work and strive endlessly for publication? I assume this is your basic premise since you have argued here against doubting one's work and not trying to get published.
    This premise flies in the face of real world statistics and the comments recently made by the very agent from which you seek advice.
    Please understand the nature of serious intellectual inquiry. It is often a series of probing questions, seeking to clarify the respective positions.
    My asking you why you think the world needs another Nanny's Diaries is an inquiry into the clarification of your espoused position--and not a negative inference on my part of the opposite.

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    Picture Book

    Re: The craft

    I haven't read Nanny's Diaries or The Nanny Diaries, so I'm not sure...but I was under the impression that Lisa's book is totally different in content. I don't think this is 'another version.'

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    Re: Hey, you're finished!


    Tweak Nate's query slightly (SLIGHTLY), enclose a ferw sample pages, and be done with it. Forget the synopsis, forget the statistics. Just tweak Nate's, and ta-da! You're done!

    Then go have some spiced egg nog and don't worry about the Nanny Diarrhea (or however it's spelled).

    Merry Christmas.


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    Lisa Werth

    Saving the posts

    Oh LIz that 's the best refernce I've heard to that title so far.

    To all responders,
    I have gone in and cut & pasted all the advice into one document. There was alot out there and I must admit it has left me a little dizzy. Besides using it for this novel, it will be there for refence on future ones too.

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