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    Yvonne Oots

    Mystery of the missing forum.

    Ladies and Gentlmen, boys and girls.... what we have here is a bona fide mystery on our hands.... The theft of the missing forum..... I know it is hard to believe that one of us is guilty but alas the proof is in the site we are on.
    Writers.net.... this is a board for writers.
    Agent forum.... writers on this board are always looking for agents.....
    So I now have gathered just some of the clues.....

    If you have more please post them so we can all find not only the missing forum but the guilty party.....


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    F Walter

    Re: Mystery of the missing forum.

    Perhaps you could supply us with a bit more information Ms Oots.
    How big was this forum? Should we be checking people's bags as they leave, or just asking them to turn out their pockets? Did it have any distinguishing marks that would make it easier to identify?
    We must have all the information if we're to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter of it's dissapearence.
    Does it usually go off on its own? if not has it maybe been involved in some sort of an argument that would upset it enough to leave? Perhaps it simply wasn't happy here?

    Maybe you would do well to offer a reward for it's return.

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    Colleen Holt

    Re: Mystery of the missing forum.

    They went the way of Orville's nuts.

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