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    F Walter

    Re: A More Revealing Question

    When I was growing up and really started thinking of what I wanted to do with my life I had my choices narrowed down to three things

    A Writter
    A Child psychologist
    Or an Embalmer

    (Yes I am serious)

    however the main reason I write now is because I've had this same story rattling around my head for years and I have to get it out before I go completely loopy.
    Also because I started in the first place.
    I wrote down the first hundred or so, pages of my book back in 94 but after that things in my life got amazingly hectic and I didn't touch it again until my husband built me a pc for Christmas two years ago.
    Actually I seem to rememeber it was meant to be a gift for the whole family but as you can see I was quick to hijack it and from then on writting my book became it's only real job.

    It was really just a hobby at first now its my life and when I'm finished with my first book I intend to go on writting as much as I can.

    As you can see my other two ambitions fell to the way side somewhere along the road and I don't intend to go back looking for them.

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    Re: Of course

    P -

    You just HAD to have statistics to back it up, dincha? ;-)

    Do whatever works!

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    Glen T. Brock

    Re: Of course


    When you mentioned using crayons in your illustration it reminded me of a technique I was introduced to many years ago that is great for illustration.

    I think it was called 'lost wax' technique. Gosh, I can't remember so don't hold me to that. Anyway, you make your composition with crayon (on good stock paper),keeping in mind the finished product will be WHITE. Then, using water color, india ink, you make your highlights, shields, and details. Then you remove the crayon. Great effect! It looks good in print too. If you don't know it already, try it!

    Glen T. Brock

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    Keith Postler

    Re: Of course


    I like your original just the way it is. Leave it alone, in my opinion.

    How do I write?

    I tend to develop the story idea in my head, with these vague images of characters, places, themes, pieces of dialogue. In many cases, I have the beginning, middle, and end mapped out. Then occasionally I sit down at the computer and type a chapter-by-chapter outline or summary. Just something to get started. Every once and a while, I'll jot down notes in a tablet, or send myself an email with a link to an interesting news article or web site where I can do more research.


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