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    Lisa Werth

    Yvonne, Ya gotta start somewhere

    Are you pleased, I spent time thinking about the opening to your book this morning. As of now, it's actually for thought than what I put into my own so far today. Busy new first day at new job.

    So anyway - was really thinking about the intro/announcement that started it all.

    But now my mind is starting to drift about a new hook sentence for a revised query in case HC passes.


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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Yvonne, Ya gotta start somewhere


    How about "Kremehilde awoke to a new morning and rushed to the middle of the book."

    That should get you to where you are more comfortable in your writing.

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    Yvonne Oots

    Re:Gary / Lisa

    Lisa: Thanks for thinking of the opening.. I really do want to see if Once upon a time works.... You never know it just might....
    good luck on your querey letter.

    Gary: Oh how I wish I could use that opening. but alas kind sir.... I am writing about a real person who is still living............... I do have to start this thing.
    Maybe I should stop writing about the living and just center on working with those that are deceased.....


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