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    Clyde Finney

    on-line magazines

    I asked on another thread if anyone knew or had had any dealings with on-line literary reviews/magazines which run fiction. There has been no response since it was posted several days ago.

    This seems to indicate that few people on WN have submitted to such magazines. Or perhaps that the WN "Publishing" thread is not widely read.

    I have been busy checking out these e-zines. Quality varies a lot. Many are far too poetic or dreamy (not the same thing, I add quickly) for my purposes.

    But some are really good. I have come up with a short list of five.

    Does anyone perhaps have any ideas on this form of publishing for short stories and essays? No payment, but maybe it is a way of testing the market. Most of them seem to have strict standards.

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    Karen Dionne

    Re: on-line magazines

    Clyde -

    Keeping in mind this is just one person's opinion, all I know about e-zines is that when my agent asked me to try and get some publishing credits in order to 'wow' the editors, I asked specifically about e-zines, and he said not to bother with 'em.

    Hard to break with established tradition, I'm thinking.

    But your post reminds me I owe you an email! Look for one later tonight, I promise.


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