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    Richard Fulgham

    when do you know you've sold it?

    Hi folks,
    Just wondering -- when a publisher asks for the first 90 pages plus cover letter material, does it mean they're going to publish the book if they say they liked what you send it to them? If they say "please finish the project and send the competed mss to us ASAP" -- does that mean anything? Are you supposed to finish the book on the assumption that it's been accepted? Or is the final decision still up in the air? I know nothing is final till the fat lady sings -- or that fat contract is signed. But generally speaking . . . what's the acceptance of the first 90 pages mean? Richard Fulgham.

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    Lisa Werth

    Re: when do you know you've sold it?

    My guess is not much. I've had publishers ask for the entire ms, read it, and still rejected even with positive ffeedback.
    It ain't over until the contract is signed and the check is cashed in opinion.

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    Glen T. Brock

    Re: when do you know you've sold it?


    Sounds to me like your closing in for the kill. Finish the project asap and send it! What happened to me was a phone call followed, with the executive editor on the other end of the line. The deal is not done until the contract is in their hands--signed, witnessed, and delivered. Get some representation before you sign anything of course. Congratulations and good luck!

    Glen T. Brock


    If you have some time read my post in Writing Craft under 'Something for the Season.' Its a Christmas story. --G.T.--

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    Russ Still

    Re: when do you know you've sold it?

    I have a manuscript that I went back and forth with a publisher for over a year before they finally decided against it. First they responded favorably to my query letter and wanted to see a chapter. I sent one. They read that, said they liked it and wanted to see 3 chapters. I sent those. Then they wrote back and said they wanted to see the entire manuscript. Off went the whole thing. Then, six months later, the rejection. So, somewhere, between chapter 3 and chapter 20 I lost em. I think the moral of this story is that you don't have a deal until you have a deal.

    - Russ

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    Richard's Pursuit

    Richard, you're getting close, but, as Lisa said, it's not a done deal until a contract is offered, and signed.
    Good Luck with this and keep us posted.

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    Jack Klaw

    When Do You Know You've Sold It?

    When the check clears at the bank.


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    Richard Fulgham

    Re: When Do You Know You\'ve Sold It?

    Thanks fellow eagles among sparrows,
    I\'ve been reading Nietzsche again - do pardon the old analogies. Anyway, thanks for the good response. I\'m not excited because I\'ve learned never to get excited until, as put so perfectly, the check clears the bank. Thanks and I appreciate the widom of professionals. Cheers. RLF.

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