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Thread: Just curious.

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    F Walter

    Just curious.

    Does anyone else out there have favourite words?
    Because often I'll say something or someone else will and without thinking about it I'll come out with "ooh I love that word"
    Yes this has gotten me a few strange looks in the past!
    Anyway moving on.
    See the thing is that I can't say I've ever known anyone else who picks out words they love like I do...
    Words in my case, like Veracious "ooh I love that word" and Gouged "Ooh Ooh can I keep it? Can I? can I?"

    See there I go again!!!

    Anyway tell me the truth guys who else among us if any?
    It could just be that I'm a complete wierdo and if so fair enough but honestly people, who else has their favourite words, words that have always just sounded good to them.
    & if you have them tell me some because I really am curious.

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    Re: Just curious.

    I sorta like opthamologist, egregious, and esophogeal. No idea why. I guess they all have the soft-g sound near the end. But then I don't care for gemologist. I really hate that one. Maybe because it sounds like a garbage man calling himself a refuse engineer. Aquiese has a nice sound to it, but I obviously haven't bothered learning to spell it.

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    Matt H

    Re: Just curious.


    I was about to jump all veracious, because the word is spelled voracious.

    Luckily, being a careful writer I checked the dictionary and found veracious to be its own beautiful word meaning truthful.

    My new favorite word is cautious.


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    Picture Book

    Re: Just curious.



    fog, mist and smog

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    Re: Just curious.

    I love words too. I enjoy perusing a dictionary or thesaurus. It gives me a charge to find a new word in a book I'm reading where I have to dig out the dictionary. One of my favorite words is queue.

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    Picture Book

    Re: Just curious.

    I have more words, because I have writer's block and feel great after drinking two Glenfiddich.

    lop-sided (have no idea why right now.)





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    danielle schaaf

    Re: Just curious.

    As a kid, I enjoyed reading the dictionary. We didn't have 100 tv channels like my kids have today.

    I always liked "cheeky" -- must be because I heard it often when I was a kid.

    Several years ago, I found myself telling my six-year-old twin sons they looked quite dapper in their new clothes on the way to school That's an expression not heard too often around this part of Texas.

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    P. Rajaswal

    Re: Just curious.

    Every since the Florida fiascso in the last US elections, "operative" has been a favorite word of mine.
    Do you suppose the board's own Gary Kessler has been an actual "operative"? I think so.

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Just curious.

    I think not. Was an analyst, manager, and official--but quite distinctly never an "operator." (And, yes, that's a good term that's actually used.)

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    Judy Greer

    Re: Just curious.

    melodious, tenacious, would love the word 'lottery' if I'd win it

    Hate the word 'grunt' it invokes gruesome images of bodily functions

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