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    Charles "Boog" Hayes

    Big Hello to Sis!!!


    It was so nice to see that all your hard work has paid off for you. One thing about writing a book about your life, you have to go through hell to make it interesting!

    How is your son doing these days? I hope well. And yourself as well? Are you working on a new project?

    I am still working everyday on my work for hire projects. I found a nice gig working for a corporation producing tech manuals and inhouse production stuff. Not very artistic but it keeps the wolves away. I still have the dream of publishing my children book and someday my own publishing company.

    You don't know any writers or editors that are willing to work for nothing untill the money starts rolling in do you??? If you hear of some, send them my way.

    I promise not to stay away for so long! I have just been working. See Ya, Charlie "Boog"

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    Sis Bauman

    Re: Big Hello to Sis!!!

    I'm glad all is well with you. Did you check out the book covers?
    My son is not doing well. He was in the hospital last week with pneumonia and back to the Dr. again today. He is thin, frail and looks awful.
    I'm so glad I could give him this book before he dies!
    The light in his eyes is worth every word, expense and effort.
    I'm marketing my book in every minute I can find. I have a distributor and Amazon.com. Two veddy veddy nice local stores have the book. Pat Brogan did a radio interview and I picked up my second printing two days ago.
    Keep going on your childrens book Boog...if I can do it you can do it.
    Glad to Cya! Sis

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