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    Reese Greer

    Re: allegro? presto? tread pianissimo!

    I will have to agree with Liz and F.W. Your choice of words might not be the best if you are trying to appeal to a broad audience. I am continually brought up short when I use language which, to me, seems quite commonplace, but to many others comes off sounding stilted or snobby. Though the English language is beautiful, albeit quite confusing at times, be careful how you use it. Be sure your choice of language suits your audience. I am not about to make suggestions as to wording or choice of words. I wouldn't dream of tampering with your style or voice, but I would like to pose a thought or two to fuel your thoughts.

    If you are targeting a higher range audience comprised of people who frequent orchestra events, then you are doing just fine to use the language of choice. If your topic is, say, a conductor then, likewise, good choice of words - educate your audience, perhaps. If, however, your audience is Joe Sumbudee who has never been to an orchestra performance and thinks the Boston Pops is a case of soft drinks, then you had better find a better way to get your point across.

    Bottom line, be careful that you don't take too much here to heart. Everyone has a different level of experience and it is up to you to decide to just what level of experience your story is intended to target.

    God luck.

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    Re: allegro? presto? tread pianissimo!

    She's gonna need God luck after this thread.


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