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Thread: thanksgiving

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    Yvonne Oots


    Happy Thanksgiving from my family to all of you around the world.

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    Judy Greer

    Re: thanksgiving

    Many thanks, Yvonne. I, too, am thankful this year for so many things. I echo the sentiment.


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    Lisa Werth

    Re: thanksgiving

    And as I said to Judy the other day. Remeber you are what you eat!
    Gobble Gobble.

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    Nancy G

    Re: thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving from Chicago!


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    Picture Book

    Re: thanksgiving

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    <font size=+3><font color="#FF2B0F">Happy</font> <font color="#4B19FF">Thanksgiving</font>
    <font color="#0FFF17">from </font><font color="#F707FF">Kansas</font> <font color="#AE8A30">City</font>
    <font color="#FF9A2E">to</font> <font color="#FF3838">you</font> <font color="#1A914A">and
    </font><font color="#5F15B3">yours!</font></font>


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    Pat Cooper

    Re: thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you below the 49th.

    Sorry, I forgot -- that includes Alaska. (Are you snowed in up there yet, Jane?)


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    F Walter

    Re: seeing as you mentioned it!

    Hi i\'m new on here and to be honest, being across the pond, as you guys call it I don\'t really understand this whole thank\'s giving and am quite happy to only have christmas and new years to deal with.
    However i\'ll wish you all happy one too, and as the book i\'m writting is actually based in you\'re country and is at the moment on something of a time parralel with the time of year would love any info; little details i could get such as u know what date thanksgiving is actually on! And any other interesting little traditions or details that stand out other than the turkey!
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS, to all!!!

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    Mary M.

    Re: seeing as you mentioned it!

    Thanksgiving on this side of the pond is celebrated on the last Thursday of November each year because our forefathers felt that date represented the very first Thanksgiving celebrated by the Pilgrims and the Native American Indians.

    There are many traditions associated with Thanksgiving. Here are a few:

    The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City and broadcast on most TV channels for the entire country to enjoy. High school bands from across the country participate and the parade floats are spectacular.

    Football games along with chips and dips.

    Thanksgiving dinner, usually consisting of roast turkey with gravy, and bread stuffing, sweet potatoes and mashed white potatoes, cranberry sauce, various green and yellow vegetables, relishes (olives, pickles, etc.), cornbread as well as other breads, plus whatever other foods a family enjoys. Dessert is usually pie and the favorites are pumpkin, apple, pecan, plus varities specific to a region. Whipped topping on wedges of pie complete the meal.

    Most of these foods represent foods shared at that first Thanksgiving. Corn meal, for example, was introduced to the Pilgrims by the Indians and has become a mealtime favorite in many homes.

    More traditions that usually occur after Thanksgiving dinner are taking longs walks, raking leaves, playing football or basketball, and, of course, napping.

    Thanksgiving is a time when we express our gratefulness for family and friends, peace and harmony, health and happiness -- the harvest of our lives and country.

    End of Thanksgiving story!

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    Yvonne Oots

    Re: seeing as you mentioned it!

    Walter welcome to the writers net. Here you will meet many exciting and diverse people.

    Lisa: I loved your statement, but I have a question for you.
    How can you eat alllllllllllllllll that food, turkey, dressing, cranberries etc etccccccc, only to look like a pig after the feast????????????????????
    gobble, gobble.

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    Pat Cooper

    Re: seeing as you mentioned it!


    In Canada we have Thanksgiving in October. It is a kind of extended "Harvest Festival" to give thanks for a bountiful harvest and provides a great excuse for the whole family to get together and give thanks for -- well, for being a family and having food on the table. It also gives us an opportunity to donate to the Food Bank to help out folk who are not quite so lucky as we are.

    As for the cook -- it's a great "dress rehearsal" for Christmas!

    This year, I'm lucky. Thanksgiving in Canada, Christmas in the UK. So I get the best of both sides of the pond.


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