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    "problem revising"

    I have completed the first draft of my 50,000 word manuscript and this story takes place in Rome A.D. 732. Throughout this ms I have faithfully wrote all character's thoughts in italics. My problem is, I now come to the chapter explaining this law, "missi dominici". Is it required/necessary that I write the word...missi dominici in italics also?

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: "problem revising"

    I'm sorry, the question isn't clear. Whether or not you render missi dominici in italics has no relationship to your decision to put your character's thoughts in italics. It's fine for you to put both in italics.

    Perhaps you are asking how to render the foreign law term if it's inside a character's thoughts that already are in italics. You show the italics of the foreign law term in this construction by reverting the foreign law term to roman font, with the rest of the thought around it in italics.

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    Re: "problem revising"

    Thank you Mr. Kessler for your answer and my apologies for not making myself clear. The question was indeed, can I write both in italics. But I do infact have a character, a Count, eventually discussing the missi. So it will be here where I write missi dominici in roman font, with the character's speech in italics. Thank you again. Rosemary...

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    Bob Kellogg

    Problem with italics

    I personally don't like to read a lot of italics. So many authors just render everything in standard font that I'm used to it and if they did a good writing job, I'm not confused.

    I stopped doing it myself, partly because I use italics for other things, like foreign words. Of course, I recently read something by Robert Crais in which he used standard font for Spanish words both in and out of conversations. Possibly he did that because in Southern California, even non-Latinos use a lot of Spanish words. Of course a lot of it is what some would call "Spanglish."

    Bob K.

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