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Thread: Padding

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    You said you hated it when you didn't know what characters looked like. You'd hate the male lead in my book - not only do you not get a visual description of him until the penultimate chapter, you don't know his name until the last chapter.

    Twas an interesting challenge to write around the name issue (fortunately aliases and nicknames helped).

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    Ryan Anthony

    Re: Pamela

    Try the book Written on Body where the protaganist has neither name nor gender.

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    Donald Lowery


    Gary and Bob basically said that--padding is defined by the readers and writers. (Although, Shogun may be an example that borders on the exception Bob)

    People that are detail-oriented do like padding generally.

    But specifically, although I see myself as detail-oriented, I do not wish to read "padding" when the subject is slightly out of the immediate focus of my current liking.

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