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Thread: Bio Location

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    Robert O. Birt

    Bio Location

    UNfortunatly the process to find a writers Bio. since the Blue letters are gone for some reason is

    1.) click writer in blue box at top.
    2.) schrol to bottom and typr in Writers name.
    3.) The search pulls up a strange kindof lettering.
    4.) Click on the blue lettering of writers name.
    5.) The BIo shows up.

    THis is one thing I would like to change about this site. But I am not a picky person.

    Thanks ROB

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    Picture Book

    Re: Bio Location

    It worked, Rob! Hi...

    My portrait is posted in a string in writers craft. Must learn how to control html

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    Robert O. Birt

    Re: Bio Location

    Hi Picture Book!!

    Do I look like anything you imagined?

    I am a Handsome Devil Aren't I, LOL :0)

    How about a writer do I look like a writer?

    How about an axe murderer do I look like and axe murderer?

    I can't find your picture :0(

    Bye For NOw ROB

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    Picture Book

    Re: Bio Location

    My portrait is here, in writers craft....I was experimenting with html......LOL

    Yes, you are a handsome devil. ......and yes, I can picture you on the back of a best seller

    No, I haven't uploaded a pic here yet. ...not sure if I will! I'm waiting for Donald Lowery to do that first..he does keep threatening to do so.

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    Yvonne Oots

    Re: Bio Location

    quit fooling a old lady here. I have followed all the steps and get a blank. Robert O. Birt, Robert Birt. still no photo.

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    Yvonne Oots

    Re: Bio Location

    Ok I finally found it. I like what you wrote.
    How very true it is. But answer me this said the riddler, are you Robert O Birt, or Robert Birt??????????????

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    Judy Greer

    Re: Bio Location

    Found it. Now, you've done it... destroyed our illusions, snatched the mystery right out of our hands! Ah, yes, you are a handsome devil, Mr. Birt. The picture of a literary master....


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    Nancy G

    Re: Bio Location

    I found the bio but no picture...must be doing something wrong. Now I'm curious.


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    Pamela Taylor

    Re: Bio Location

    No picture for me either, only the bio. Hmmm, maybe something with autologin again?


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    Donald Lowery

    Haven't seen Picture Book yet

    Re: R.O. Birt--I don't know, but is Hamish trying to fix things? Maybe?

    Not being a female myself, I won't say that you (Rob Birt) are a "Handsome Brute", etc, but, I like the "Maverick Quality" of your picture. I think it will go good on the dust cover...but when?

    And I still want to see you first--Picture Book. Don't give me that "threatening" routine. :-))

    I haven't snail-mailed mine to Hamish yet. Haven't even found the envelop, nor gotten the address. I have only one photo in my life that was taken for commercial purposes. And I don't like that one.

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