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Thread: geez, Hamish

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    geez, Hamish

    forum an outlet for discussion of matters of interest to a given group

    You know, I've been reading this board for about a year now, and I can't ever remember RBSA posting anything that was innapproriate. Frankly, I think the way some recently tore into Jennifer's post was more disturbing than anything RBSA has ever posted.

    I don't like the idea of people being banned from contributing to the forum. When something innappropriate, offensive, uninteresting or badly written pops up, I just ignore those posts and move on I change the channel.

    Do we really need a censor?


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    Dave Cooper - WritersNet

    Re: geez, Hamish

    Hi Chris.

    Nobody banned RBSA but himself. He's taken the decision to stop posting here. On the other hand, we have banned a few people as they just created so much non-productive work dealing with complaints, law suits and the like. RBSA can continue to post here and we'll continue to value what he has to say.

    And it's not a case of censorship. We hardly ever remove posts or edit them. We only normally do it when we can find absolutely no redeeming feature of a post or thread.



    PS. Hamish is off in Europe getting married so these opinions are mine and not necessarily his. He's just not here to stand up for himself!

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