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    U-boat Question For Resident Expert

    I think it was you, RBSA, who offered to field questions I had re: U-boats.
    This one is pretty simple.
    Where exactly on the sub would the exterior hatch open?
    Would it be out the top of the conning tower? Beside it?
    If the boat was to sail on the surface down a narrow channel, is it likely the skipper (or whoever) might be perched just out of the hatch, as in a tank say, and shout navigational orders down the hatch into the sub, as he trained his eyes on the correct path ahead?
    Is this a realistic scenario?

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    Re: U-boat Question For Resident Expert

    Brian -- The main hatch is at the top of the conning tower. There are hatches elsewhere, but they are used for stowing cargo and torpedoes and would not be commonly used otherwise at sea. The top of the CT has a little wall around it, so that if you are standing up there, you can lean on the wall as well as take cover behind it should those damn airplanes show up and start shooting at you. Due to that set up, the chief (or old man as they might call him) would not be partially exposed as in a tank (another topic of my expertise) but would stand up there and yell down directions.

    A UBoat had a crew of approximately 50 -- with three junior officers and one commander. Remember that it also took a full minute to dive the thing, so narrow passages in shallow water would be very risky indeed (especially since UBoats were 100% blind underwater (although they had primitive listening devices, they were fairly useless in gauging the depth below them or the distance to targets). Their primary fear would be of airplanes although destroyers were always watched for as well (airplanes could strike much faster; destroyers wouldn't get you on the surface most of the time. They'd force you under and then depth charge you for hours and hours and hours . . . .)

    Post an email address and I'll correspond with you directly. I could go on and on for days, but would rather just give you the info you need. And of course, all of the foregoing assumes you refer to a Type VII, the UBoat most of us commonly think of when discussing this topic.


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    Re: U-boat Question For Resident Expert

    Thanks RBSA for this info and your offer.
    The type of U-boat I have in mind is a Type IIC as it turns out, mfg in Kiel. U-57 to be exact.
    This type had no deck gun but mine will be specially outfitted with one, as well as some very special 'rigging' you won't find on any other boat in the Kriegsmarine.
    I plan on sailing her through a narrow channel, but on the surface.
    I will give you an address, but first one more question. I see the rank of the commander of a U-boat is Kapitanletenant. Would they just say "Captain" in English version and be okay? And also, what type of aircraft would most likely be attacking a U-boat in the Firth of Forth?
    Thanks for your offer of private U-boat tutoring.
    You can fight your way through the constant daily barrage of "horny young sluts" and mortgage loan offers at my hotmail account:

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    Re: U-boat Question For Resident Expert

    Check your email.

    Say nice things about me.


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