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    A few questions....

    I'm thirteen and wishing to publish my book, the problem is all the publishers want me to put my "experience" in my query letters, but, the fact is, I don't have a lot of that. So, what do I say?
    My other question is, should I tell publishers in my query that I am thirteen? Or will this turn them off?

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    Jen Nipps

    Re: A few questions....

    There's really no reason to tell them your age. Your book will stand on its own. Or, rather, it should if you have it formatted correctly and it's free of errors.

    As for experience, don't put it there if you don't have it. And definitely don't say, "My teacher/parents/aunt/whoever else you know thinks this will be a best seller."

    And that goes for anyone, regardless of age.


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    Re: A few questions....

    Get yourself a copy of "The Market Guide for Young Writers" by Kathy Henderson. It is a great resource for young people such as yourself and can answer all of your questions.

    Good luck,

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    Re: A few questions....

    the age will most definately turn them off! I sent my query to several different agents with my age and i was not even considered, but i sent it without my age, and they wanted my until a better writer came along.
    PS. i'm 14, and that makes you the baby now.

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