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    publishing mystery

    i wrote a poem about my ex b/f and somehow(maybe i was sleep writing again...) it was entered in a poem contest. either my subcon is really mean, or someone else entered it for me.

    here's the poem, my subcon wrote it and (i think) entered it.

    Ode To Ulysses-
    To see my skin crawl,
    a sad symphony of chills,
    chills that cannot breathe,
    through the still of my broken heart.
    Sinking in the silence,
    of others just like me,
    my heart suffocates the chills,
    and others drown my heart,
    yet it still hurts to think,
    that this is all your fault.
    You don't love me,
    you never will.
    My heart aches,
    but I can't feel.
    So am I saved,
    or did I save you?
    Do you stay silent
    cause you have no clue?
    We've been together
    through good times and bad.
    Was I too much?
    Did I make you mad?
    But I can't make you happy,
    we're not meant to be.
    You question so much
    that you can't see.
    I really did love you,
    you didn't understand,
    You left me waiting,
    cause you couldn't be a man.
    And you don't love me,
    You never will.
    My heart still aches,
    but now I can feel.
    I was not saved,
    because I saved you.
    You didn't stay silent,
    but you still have no clue.

    do you think that little coincidence is a little harsh, or should i follow through and let them publish it?

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    Mary M.

    Re: publishing mystery

    You're probably the only one who can/should decide if your poem should be read by others, especially those who know both of you. Your poem is very personal and if you have it published, then feel kinder later, you may wish you had kept it private. I suggest you think about what to do for about ten days before reaching a decision.

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    Re: publishing mystery

    i'm going to publish it.
    i think that he deserves to be shamed... in fact, I am going to put his last name in the title. thanks for your comment mary.

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