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    Jenny Hilton

    A fav for a friend

    A friend of mine not online wanted me to post this.
    Wanted opinions.



    I do not Cry.

    I have never mourned a lost childhood
    Never cried about the blanks
    Never screamed it’s not my fault
    When the blood flowed under the door

    In between the twinkle twinkles and jack’s and Jill’s
    An atomic second pushed my face into the mud
    I am still dirty. The pain will be called eternity, the nightmare eternal
    But there are no tears that wait out death

    Voices raised beyond hearing to the unseeing eyes
    Those knives and redness mean nothing
    As the glass shatters and bruises well
    As life and lies begin a ghost train
    Images brushing my cheeks with fear

    I do not cry.
    Somewhere beneath the seething sea of hate is a lost child
    who is crying.
    The sound is sad but I do not cry.

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    Jane Casey

    Re: A fav for a friend


    I'm not in the mood for sandness, but feel this poem is well written, good choice of words and deep with emotion without tears. I think a lot of peole will like it.

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    M. Helene Keough

    Re: A fav for a friend

    Hi Jen,

    As Jane mentioned, the sentiments are (almost too) well defined, for this time and place. Personally, while the horrific business of the last few weeks settles in my mind, and while I decide what I should learn from the suffering of others, I find myself gravitating to humor, and light excapism, in an attempt to keep my heart level. Not quite the Fred Astair 'level', alhough there was a scene, where he was dancing with...oh, what was her name?..and the feathers flying loose from her boa made her look as if she was moulting [eng. sp.].

    But your friends words are sensitive, and well put. It's just that its uncomfortable to open up that space inside of myself, and examine how it really makes me feel. I guess I'm moulting myself.


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    Valerie Moreau

    Re: A fav for a friend

    Nice piece can I make a guess as to who the friend is that wrote it? I'll ask via email.

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    Sully Magma

    Re: A fav for a friend

    M. Helene,


    male or female? I might be able to guess too, but I couldn't send an e-mail to the one I thought it might be: too touchy for me.

    I take the claim that "I Do Not Cry" is ironic: the whole poem is crying, and it makes my heart ache that anyone states to NOT CRY, when GOD! You know that is HOW they cry! The ache is exactly what the author wants from me. Does that make sense?

    It makes me want to take that person, hug them hard, not let go, and laugh with them ... until we both cry! Those parodic emotions that keep us in line, keep us detached, and keep us intact, and just plain keep us alive.


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    Jenny Hilton

    Re: Thanks

    Thanks you guy's.......okay.......girls........


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