On Saturday night Sept, 22, I will be hosting a Fiction Flash challenge on another web page. A flash challenge for those that don't know is where you get 1 hour to write a story or excerpt on a given topic. Then the stories are read and critique by the others in the challenge and then voted on. I'm posting this here to invite everyone to come and try their hand at it. I hope we can get a forum here eventually that will gives us a chance to do this here. If you find yourself asking what is there purpose of this, it is to get those creative juices flowing and to give the writer a chance to tackle subjects he/she might not have thought of before. For example the topic may be to write you story using the characters of an unname animal to see if the others can guess the animal you are using. I actually did this one and found it very interesting. It can help to expand your writing abilities. Anyway if you are interested you can email me and I shall send you the address so you can registar with the site and particapate in the challenges.