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    Mary M.

    Copyright symbol

    Not long ago, a discussion about whether or not the copyright symbol should be used in manuscript format took place here. I personally do not use it, but have referred others to Writer's Market's recommendation that it appear on submissions.

    After the last discussion, I contacted an editorial assistant at Writer's Market about the apparent contradiction in its recommendation to the practice in the publishing industry.

    Today she asked me to cite the page in the 2002 Writer's Market wherein the recommendation is made and offered to present "the issue" to the powers that be.

    I did and hope we can appreciate the fact that our discussion prompted the correction of information in future editions of Writer's Market.

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    C. Van Vleet

    Re: Copyright symbol

    Way to take action, Mary. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

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    Valerie Moreau

    Re: Copyright symbol

    That's it, See everyone makes mistakes. And we wonder why this is so hard and everything is so contradictory.

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    Patricia Cooper

    Re: Copyright symbol

    Way to go Mary.


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