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    M. Helene Keough

    Re: To Ian

    I almost kicked myself after I hit POST. A moment of weakness! (How embarrassing)
    You assuaged my concerns completely. I appreciate your candor--and clarity--and feel considerably more grounded. (Which is the purpose for this blessed website, in the first place, isn't it? Support for the writer? Hey, Ego. Shut up and sit down!).
    Thanks again. I shall putt along confidently.

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    Patricia Cooper

    Re: To Ian


    You are right on the button.


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    Stefan Dill

    Re: To Ian

    I too am a big fan for the run on, especially for its poetic, descriptive feel. However, a recent section of my WIP that im most pleased with came out very spare, kind of a Pinter vibe. I was surprised cause i never write that way, but this time it just came out and it worked. it gave me an interesting idea to write different threads of the novel in different styles....Might get too diverse, dunno.

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    Abie Jones

    Re: To Ian

    Run on sentences can be okay if they're done well-check out some old Hemingway! I think he has a five line sentence in TSAR.

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