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    Mary M.

    For Marie

    He's appearing at the local Barnes & Noble in about ten days and I do not plan to be among the masses. I'm sorry I find him shallow as a person and an extension of fabricated celebrity.

    But, yes, he is polite, probably because it's in his glossy contract (and because he's really fond of himself!)

    Pardon my candor.

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    Re: For Marie

    Speaking of authors...my mother and I went to a signing for a really big name author. (I won't tell you who, but he's been on the best seller's list forever.) After we got our books signed, I left. My mother's friend showed up and my mom decided to wait with her to get their pictures taken with the guy. When my mother got them developed, she showed them to us. She was very excited. Apparently, so was the author, and it was VERY OBVIOUS. Needless to say, she never framed that one. Of course, now when I see her, I tell her she's HOT! Marie

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    Mary M.

    Re: For Marie

    Loved the story about your mother and the author -- the well-known one!!! The photo may be worth money some day.

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