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Thread: Valerie

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    Ele Thurman



    If it makes you feel any better, I met a marketing person at a party Saturday night, that worked for a major publisher. She also told me that things just don't happen until after Labor Day, so keep the faith.

    Like Mary Tyler Moore sang,"We're gonna make it after all." Keep your faith, all comes to he/she that waits.

    We've been doing presentations like crazy since last week, attempting to sell our ideas and today we got the attention of someone who's very supportive of our local programs. You never know behind which door success may be hiding.

    Like someone told us today, if you knock and the door remains closed, try the next door.

    You know Dr. Seuss submitted his first manuscript over 20 times before he found a publisher and the rest is history.


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    Valerie Moreau


    Ele, I'm very glad things are going good for you. Just keep in mind this insane schedule I know you are keeping right now will pay off. As for me, things might be a little different if my household was back to normal. Too many people here now, can't think with all the bickering. At least that is what I have now decided is causing my writer's block.

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