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Thread: feeling blah

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    Sully Magma

    Re: Valerie


    I just thought of something that ought to make you smile. ME? I LIVE WITH "BLA!" I hadn't thought about it, but I do!

    I sit at the keyboard nearly all day, off and on, whenever I get inspired, need to, or WHATEVER. Sometimes, I sit at it blubbering, and crying my eyes out (have you ever seen that film created by that funny guy that made "The Muse," can't remember his name just now, but it was with Holly Hunter, William Hurt, and him, and it was titled something like, "Network News," or "TV Network," or something, anyway: Holly Hunter was "anal" and every chance she was alone, she'd just sit and cry....it was so funny, but it made me cry!!!Ha, ha, ha! but do you see? There's nothing wrong with being bla--it just means you can feel, you're a feeler, and that means you have passion...that's what it takes to keep going, and there it is! WE HAVE IT, so keep going!!!
    --sully (just had to share that with you)

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    Jenny Hilton

    Re: Valerie

    Jane, you're thinking of men! Women can have several conflicting thoughts in their head at any one time.

    But seriously.....

    I though I had winter blues...coughs, colds, flue,...kids with cough colds, and flue. And you guy have the summer blues. But it just goes to show we all get them and their is usually no discernible reason, which is what makes it so annoying.

    I had it a few weeks ago and found the only solution was a little extra relaxing time and to push through with the writing.

    Good Luck,


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    Ele Thurman

    Re: Valerie


    As someone else said, things are very quiet in the publishing world until after labor day. My agent told me we'd sit tight probably until mid to late September. Following labor day comes conferences and meetings, and he knows since he's worked for one of the big houses.

    Keep your chin up and don't fret. If you have an email address for Sandra, it wouldn't hurt to send a note to be certain she's received your package.

    I've been in a bit of a funk too and have felt overly stressed. Too much going on all at once in my life. We're pursuing grant money and have just finished a Power Point Presentation for PTA/PTO and teachers to promote our shows and on going adventure series. That coupled with no a/c in my vehicle (Arizona heat has been over 100 nearly every day for what feels like forever) and the need to attend meetings several times a week, have left me totally exhausted both mentally and physically.

    My writing has been focused on marketing materials and contact letters. Can't wait to get back to fantasy and cooler temps. Hang in there, think of this as post-ms- submission-blues. It will pass.

    Something that often helps me is to start sending out other stories (like to magazines) or work on one of the sequels to your novel. The characters are probably as excited and anxious as you are and would love to share more of their lives with you as you all wait together.


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    Mary M.

    For those in a funk

    Who and/or what inspires you?

    Write one page ...

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    Mary M.

    Re: For those in a funk

    Okay, then, write one paragraph ...

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    Helen Banks

    Re: For those in a funk

    Hope you don't mind my entering this string with my twopenceworth:
    For those with the blahs, in a funk or whatever... I get it a lot, figure the time is not quite right and there's something out there I have to experience that will add to my work. So, I have an "Artist's day" and get some input. Alone. Art gallery, movie, walk, get a massage, anything but sitting trying to 'force inspiration' - mutually exclusive. Then when the time is right, the words spill out in a rush and I can barely type fast enough to get it down.
    BTW, crying a lot must go with the territory! Or are we just too sensitive? Too much baggage? I guess it means we are alive, warm and feeling with a lot to say.

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