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Thread: feeling blah

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    Valerie Moreau

    feeling blah

    I don't know if it is me, the time of year or what, but lately I have little if any interest in anything. Including my writing. I'm having to force myself to write just to get something down each day. I can't think of a way to get myself out of this writing, life funk. I'm wondering if part of it might be waiting to hear from Sandra D. It's been three weeks since I sent her the requested items. I can't decide if my hopes are to high, or if I'm just waiting for another rejection so I can go back to the drawing board. I am really in a blue mood.

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    Victor Miller, Sr


    Been there, done that too. I know the feeling. You wonder if you've really done all you could. But look at it this way. Most times it takes four to six weeks at best to get an answer, longer if it's around the holidays cause no one feels like working. No news is good news most of the time. Not getting an answer means it hasn't been rejected yet. It's a struggle to write any time you have the blahs but struggle we must some times. It could be worse, I came home from work today and found a letter taped to my door from the landlord telling me to vacate ASAP.

    Now that you have the cliffhanger we'll see how it turns out in the next episode.

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    Patricia Cooper

    Re: Valerie

    Valerie -- since enjoying the writers net boards I have always had the mental image of you knuckling down and being so industrious with your writing -- I thought it was only I who had seemed to have lost interest in getting on with things. And it's not like I welcome the feeling. I really WANT to get on with the book and get it finished. Maybe it's the summer blahs. I have been having such a good time just bumming around with the grandkids and enjoying a wonderful hot summer.

    I can really understand your frustration thought -- the daily trip to the mailbox, wondering whether if you go out, you will miss a call. Been there and done it so many times (not necessarily in the same context) but looking for the business contract I had put a bid in on and then hearing that someone else had been awarded the work. The story of my life.

    What about making a phone call to Sandra D? It has sometimes happened for me that a phone call will work. Perhaps on Tuesday, when what I call the "business New Year" starts after Labour Day you might just be lucky.

    Forgive me if I'm way off base -- I'm just trying to give you a little of "you're not alone, we are rooting for you too."


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    Jane Casey

    Re: Valerie


    Publishers and agents don't get back in the swing of work until after Labor Day. Think happy thoughts. You can't have two thughts in your mind at the same time so think writing and what you want to write.


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    Eric Gilmartin

    Re: Valerie

    I have felt like (in Harlan Ellison's immortal phrase) "puree of bat guano" for several weeks, chalking it up to everything from pollen allergies to lack of inspiration. I think it's only natural in this time of year to find your energies a bit sapped by the weather and so on. This too shall pass, or so the faithful report. Hey, I forced myself to write some today on my new space opera, and I definitely didn't want to make myself do anything so unpleasant on my birthday! *grin* So, if I can do it, I bet you can, too. Hey! I don't have a date for Friday night (not even for my birthday, how sad), so I think I'll get back to work!

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    Mary M.

    Re: Valerie

    I hope by now you're completely preoccupied with another writing project because "waiting" can become terribly routine and unproductive. Mentally paint yourself vibrant, pat yourself on the back, and ship along ...

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    Mary M.

    Re: Valerie

    Meant to say "skip" along ...

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    Sully Magma

    Re: Valerie

    That's terrible! You make me sad for your sit., I hope things get better for you...
    And Eric,
    It's MY birthday one day after yours! I'll be your date on the board, ok?
    Look at the bright side....you've got so many good friends that jump to your rescue, wow! Writing is EVERYTHING financial, but not EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING--there's still you, and me, and them, and all the other stuff that gives us the ability to use the wonderful creativity you are blessed with. A rejection just tells me that that person 1.) isn't on peak today, 2.)has no talent for spotting talent, 3.)was not meant for me, 4.)just gave me more impetus to work on revision and another angle on parts, etc.
    Hang on, hold tight, smile, and remember, you're still alive, well, and loved (you are!)

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    Valerie Moreau

    Re: Valerie

    Thanks everyone for the words of advice and support. Happy Birthday Eric and Sully. I keep trying to put words down on paper but I really ain't to happy with anything I've written in the last two weeks at least. Oh well, eventually this bad spell will break and my fingers will be flying over the keyboard again. At least I hope so. It really helps getting your words of encourament.

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    Brian H.

    Re: Valerie

    I'm going to write a novel about this site and it'll be called The Joy Virgo Club.

    Regarding your malaise, Valerie, I guess it's true: the hard part about writing is...well, writing.

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