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    Brenda Roberts

    copyright question

    I have a question concerning copyrights. I have completed my novel recently. Should I send it to the library of congress for copyright protection before I send out sample chapters. Does an agent do that for you when they take you on? What's the best route for a writer new to the business.

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    Nicky Blade

    Re: copyright question

    I was told that you automatically own the copyright to your book just by writing it. (please, correct me if I'm wrong) An instructor once told me that the first copy of your MS should be mailed to yourself...and when you get it, do NOT open it. Then, you have your ms in a sealed envelope...plus it's dated. Makes sence to me!


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    Victor Miller, Sr


    According to the people at the Copyright Office, as soon as you put anything into a legible medium it is copyrighted in essence. Worry little about being plagerized. It just doesn't happen often enough in this day and age to worry about it. Your agent or publisher should be able to take care of having your story copyrighted if they feel it has a chance of being sold. But don't let this stop you from copyrighting it yourself if it will make you feel more secure. It's a small price to pay.

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    Patricia Cooper

    Re: Brenda

    I was told the same as Nicky. Mail the ms to yourself. The date stamp and sealed envelope should stand up for copyright requirements.

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    Helen Banks

    Re: Brenda

    I've done the mailing bit, but frankly, for the few dollars it costs to register, why wouldn't you register it? You get a number to put on your manuscript, and I think it's a deterrent if, however rare it might be, someone even entertains the thought of plagiarism.
    I'm a great believer, having been burned in another area, of taking all precautions in all situations. Should your work be ripped off, and you have to resort to legal assistance, wouldn't you feel a dork if you had to confess that you didn't use the inexpensive opportunities on offer to protect your work?
    I believe my work's worth protecting, isn't yours?
    Good luck with your writing,

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    Re: Brenda

    Agents are just clamoring to steal your work. That's why they sift through the slush piles of submissions. It's so much easier than actually earning a commission for your work. Heaven forbid, the scam agents get ahold of this idea. Then the suckers will be paying upfront fees and having their wonderful ideas stolen. Forget for a minute that the poor man's copyright probably won't hold up in a court of law. If your book is sold, your publisher will pay for the copyright registration at its expense. Doing so beforehand doesn't make you look prepared or smart. Even sticking the little circled c isn't necessary any more.

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