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    Kevin Wilson

    Commencement Poem

    My nephew wrote this poem and it was read at his graduation.

    At Eighteen Years Old

    I've had teachers who are very skilled photographers,
    who hand all the students clear, focused images
    that are only a part of the whole picture,
    hoping we will see things as they do,
    and think just as they do,
    wanting their teachings to be like traffic signals
    that we robotically obey.

    I've had teachers who
    give us the cameras,
    and tell us to go look for ourselves.

    I've had friends who are afraid
    to show who they are,
    who use labels to define themselves,
    and clothes to define themselves,
    because gravity is one thing,
    but the force of a culture is something
    they just won't stand up to.

    I've had friends who let their masks fall,
    for the forces to do with them
    what they will,
    for the happiness in not caring
    what others may think.

    Now I'm graduating high school
    at eighteen years old
    and they've proclaimed me an adult.
    What i've learned is that
    they will continue to spoon-feed me
    if I let them.
    But i am not an infant.
    And the next time I see
    that shiny spoon coming towards me,
    letting it in
    won't be why
    I open my mouth.

    -Dano Beck

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    Bly Oxford

    Re: Commencement Poem

    Very good--powerful ending.

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