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    Dianne Loomis

    Third person - First person

    Hello to all~
    Does anyone out there know of any multi part books that start out in the third person and then move to the first person? I'm almost certain I've seen this practice done before but cannot recall where. While working on my current novel I've been toying with the idea but I'm not sure how acceptable it would be. Any suggestions would be appreciated. THANKS!

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    Margie Schweitzer

    Re: Third person - First person


    I read a mystery novel where the author had a short segment at the beginning of each chapter that was written in the third person, so the reader could get a true glimpse of all the suspects and their private thoughts. The rest of the novel was written in first person. I can't recall the name of the novel, but it was written by Sandra Scoppettone--I think it was her latest novel. Hope this helps.

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    mark blanchard

    Re: Third person - First person

    POV changes are common in all fiction genres and I'm sure that precedents can be found for just about any switch or mixture of voices that you'd care to use. I just finished a book by John Williams called Augustus that was about -- you guessed it -- Caesar Augustus. The first 90% of the book consists of interspersed journal entries, pseudo-memories and letters written by the people who knew the Emperor and only in the final chapters does Augustus speak up. For the most part, the trick worked except that I sort of got used to the epistolary form and didn't much care for the first person final chapter.

    I think that if you do change persons, the only thing you want to be careful of is that your reader knows you're doing it on purpose and that you have a good stylistic reason for the switch. As long as he doesn't think you're being lazy or don't know any better, you're okay.

    Best of luck,


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    Mark Blanchard

    Re: Third person - First person

    As a follow-up, I just finished Stephen King's three division Hearts in Atlantis and -- you guessed it -- he goes from 3rd person, to first person, to third person again. (At least he does this with three different characters.)

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    Re: Third person - First person

    There's a book out called 'Gabrile' it begins in the first person then changes to the third. it is wonderful and I love the way they do it!

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