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    Laura A. Mackay

    I need your assistance please.

    Good Day Everyone,
    I would like to start out by saying I hope this email finds everyone fit and well. I am now going to ask for your assistance. Amoung many projects I've been working on I created my brain baby titled Cheboygan. This isn't the first and by far will not be my last of a long line of horror storys I will weave. Cheboygan was born almost a month ago and due to circumstances beyond my control there are only 5 chapters available but the expected completion date will be in or around 2 months. After this is done it will be re-written, revised, and proofed before I solicit the material to an agent. I have recently placed Chapter 2 on a website called IPublish.com, the material is in raw form with no editing and I'm sure plenty of grammatical errors but I would like to invite you to read it at www.ipublish.com and please rate at when your finished. All comments are welcomed and with be taking in consideration because this is how a writer grows. I chose to place Chapter 2 because I had questions on some scenes that needed answers. Well that's about it, if any of you are interested in viewing the first 5 then please contact me and I will forward you a copy. As always take care and god bless.

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    poppy fields

    Re: I need your assistance please.

    I'd like to read it. I think getting somebody else's perspective on material is very important. Also I'd like to compare my writng ability to yours - I might learn something!

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    Travis Williams

    Re: I need your assistance please.


    I'd like to invite you over to a site called THE HORROR SHOWCASE. Why don't you drop in and put up a short story or poem sometime and check out some of the work there. It's run by a really cool writer named Chris Cox and you can see it at www.homestead.com/horrorshowcase/home.html I'll try to check out your chapter sometime too but drop in and see us over at the SHOWCASE.

    : )

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