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    Sam Stinson

    What about my poem????

    Dr. W.Sumner Davis asked if "Anyone knew anything about Poetry?" I did not get one single opinion on the poem that I placed in the message board. What are you all trying to tell me? I joined the Writers Net to give and recieve feedback on writing, maybe this is the wrong place. Don't get me wrong I'm not upset but I am disappointed.

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    Re: What about my poem????

    I read your poem and enjoyed it. Unfortunately, we had server problems and I couldn't post.

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    C. Van Vleet

    Re: What about my poem????

    Sorry, sometimes I don't read older posts. I've always considered myself "a poet at heart" so if you'd like my opinion...
    Even though rhymed (sp?) verse isn't my thing, I enjoyed your poem. Describing tears as a way to release the pains and joys you hold is lovely. (I've often thought of writing as a way to give away pieces of pain.) I also liked the "a tear in its mission" line - although, if you don't mind me nitpicking - it should have been "its" and not "it's" (it's means it is). Maybe it was a typo.
    Anyway, you were very brave to share. Seriously. I don't usually show a lot of people my poetry. (It nearly made me crazy when my brother asked me to write a poem for his wedding and then read it during the ceremony!)

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    Cathie Sparks

    Re: What about my poem????

    I am new to the site. I am sure that this site is worth it’s weight in gold, and it is a lot of fun! I will take the time, when I have the time, to read the older postings, and I will let you know what I think.

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