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    Sam Stinson

    Re: Anyone know anything about Poetry?

    I don't mean to be out of line and I respect the opinions of others, most of the debates here are full of real energy. And sometimes that can be good. Yeah we get carried away at times and count on someone with some sensibility to temper us when we need it. Thank You J.

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    Matt Locke

    Re: Anyone know anything about Poetry?

    By the way, I don't mean to be rude, but the one book to outsell the bible is Dracula. I'm not trying to imply anything at all, but this is facts. I did a report on Bram Stoker for history class a few months back.

    By the way, I'm not trying to be ideological at all, but unfortunately, I carry my heated moral discussions from other message boards out of those boards sometimes, so if that offended anyone, I'm sorry.

    But at the same time, I don't think you should be, either. Like you said, this board is for the critique of writing and questions about the craft, as well as help in getting published, not about religious debates. I would love to debate religion and thought with any of you, but I don't feel this is the place.

    And, I'm a little tired.

    Now, responding to the original reason this topic was posted...
    Mr Forrester's poetry is quite depressing. Even from an atheistic standpoint, I know what it is like to put all of your faith and hopes into one thing, and then to not find it there, so it is quite real to me. I noticed that some of these poems were written some years ago, so I wonder of the fate of the author-if he is a friend of yours, perhaps you can tell me.

    The last poem, in particular, is why I'm curious. These words are those of a man looking forward to the great beyond, whatever your beliefs say they are-perhaps indicating suicidal tendencies. I'm not a psychologist, or an analyst of writing for that purpose, but I think that it is stated rather bluntly in this poem.

    All in all, good, but quite depressing.

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    silver owl

    Re: Anyone know anything about Poetry?

    Dracula outsold the bible!? well, it's no surprise, that is practically the best horror story ever!

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    Dr. W. Sumner Davis

    Re: Anyone know anything about Poetry?

    OK. Now after all these posts I have to clear a few things up- darn me for asking a simple question.

    1. The Bible is NOT the first book published on a printing press, a collection of short stories were.

    2. Dracula, Frankenstein and several other books have outsold the Bible.

    3. Mitochondrial DNA has PROVEN evolution not disproven it. AND, Evolution is not a theory, it is a fact. (Creationism- now that's a theory- and not a very good one.)

    4. The Bible contradicts itself at every turn. I won't get into it here, but as you folks brought it up- I spent 8 years of my 12 college years at Seminary. I read Hebrew and Greek (The Bible languages) I have read codexes from the Qumran scrolls and the Book of kells. I assure you, I was at one time a devout Christian Minister. However, anyone who searches for truth, real truth, refuses to limit their information to one source is either not really searching, or is terrified at what that search might bring. I understand the attraction of these myths well. I spent many years of study in search of some Godly truth, but alas, just when I thought I had found it- bang- common sense and observation ruled it out. It is attractive to have a great Diety to rely on- it allows one to avoid the depressing questions. But if you are true to yourself- well- the Bible simply holds no REAL answers, at least not to me- and I have read and reread it in four languages, and have made my own translation based on the original texts. So, if you want to say something about Wm's poetry- please do. If you wish to engage me in a theological debate- be aware of my background as a Biblical Scholar, Theologian and minister before you do.

    Thanks for letting me vent my frustrations at what I see is a gross exageration of facts by those who have only their "personal experience" to go by. Person= subjective.

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    Sam Stinson

    Re: Anyone know anything about Poetry?

    I too, have spent Thousands (yes), thousands of hours researching the Bible, and other religious books, in many instances the contradictions are easily seen but ignored by most people. The search for TRUTH is continuous, and rewarding with every new morsel that you find!

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    Matt Locke

    Re: Anyone know anything about Poetry?

    By the way, Dr., what does ThD stand for? I saw it on the images for each of the covers of your books listed on your website.

    I'm not going to go into a religious debate against you, as I have no reason to-it seems our beliefs are somewhat the same.

    However, I do ask, are you at liberty to say the fate of your friend? This has been prying at me since I read the poems.

    Didn't know Frankenstein outsold it as well, I'll have to remember that for future debates.

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    J. Casey

    Re: Anyone know anything about Poetry?


    Good for you Matt for standing by what you believe. I admire that, and for the way you don't belittle others' opinions or toot your own horn. So you haven't offended me at all. In fact, because you sound like a sincere person, I'd playfully razze you , if I was sure I wouldn't offend you.

    Thanks for bringing up that Dracula out sold the Bible.
    If I put out wrong information, I appologize. Possibly we're reading older or newer statistics from better or lesser sources. I'm writing nonfiction, so if someone can find valid statistics from an ethical source of which one out sold the other, it would be a great help, probably to many people.

    For we shouldn't be passing on false information, and in books on how to write, the Bible is mentioned as the all time best seller, but how seldom people refer to the collection of different books, writings, and letters in the Bible as a source to spark ideas to write their own stories. Yet, some of the most expensieve and long lasting movies have been made from Bible stories.

    I may be mistaken, but I think this info is in How to Write a Proposal by Larsen. sp? At any rate, it's in a popular book on how to write proposals or queries. Most of my books are three floors up, and right now, I'm too lazy to check it out.

    Anyway, the author was considerate and at least attempting to give the reader a source full of ideas to spark creative writing that appeals to a wide audience. With so many branches of Jedeo/Christian religions, I can't remember all the statistics. The only figure that sticks in my mind, is seven hundred million Catholics world wide. I thought that's a nice round number of people to target as a books audience.

    Let me know what you find out.


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