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    Dr. W. Sumner Davis

    Anyone know anything about Poetry?

    I know there are a few people here who like to consider themselves as "poets". I am not one of them. I have however a page linked to my home site which I have agreed to list some poetry. Many people find them "very good" to quote one person. I find them depressing. Anyone interested in adding their "two cents"? You can find them linked from my home page




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    Travis Williams

    Re: Anyone know anything about Poetry?

    I stopped by and read some of your poems. They were nice but a bit sad. The recurrent theme to me was one of a lack of presence from Christ in your life. I've always heard that those who condemn God the hardest, or those who claim that He's not there are often those who become his strongest followers. I hope that becomes true for you. I can tell you from personal experience that GOD IS THERE. While I'm not out to debate you or argue with you, I do want to let you know that I'm going to pray for you and even if YOU don't believe, I DO and that's enough. God bless you Dr. and I wish you all the best in your search for joy.

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    J. Casey

    Re: Anyone know anything about Poetry?

    Good for you Travis Williams. In this world of hate and violence we need more people like you to stand up for God and make this a more loving world. Unless we do, the hate and violence now, is going to be much worse.

    I've seen a horrible increase in violence in the last thirty years. Too offen, it's a me, me, me,world with people forgetting the Golden Rule.

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    Dr. W. Sumner Davis

    Re: Anyone know anything about Poetry?

    Excuse me. I thank you for your replies, however, I was seeking input on my
    friend's work, not his theology. As a person who has researched and written
    about God, Christ, Moses, etc. for nearly twenty years, has four advanced
    degrees, one in theology, one in divinity, I think you are way out on a limb
    here. Nothing personal, but those who go about touting the creeds of
    Christianity generally know little about it apart from personal experience-
    and that is surely subjective. If you wish to learn an OBJECTIVE truth about religion, then read one of my books, I would be happy to send you a copy.
    As far as Forester poetry is concerned, that two is subjective. However, you have not answered the question posed, simply made a personal statement about it's author.
    Thanks again.
    -Dr. W. Davis

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    silver owl

    Re: Anyone know anything about Poetry?

    travis, casey,
    i think it is pretty bold of you to talk so freely of your religion, but there are some people here who are of different religious preference. as for the "golden rule"- "do unto others as you would have others do unto you." is exactly the same as "ye do as ye will and ye harm none"(the wiccan bassis) i hope i am not offending you, but as a raised wiccan, i beleive that just saying that the violence needs to stop is quite enough for all of us to understand.

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    Sam Stinson

    Re: Anyone know anything about Poetry?

    We all see the world from an upside-down perspective, those who understand the TRUTH of this relay to others that the pupil- transposes our view to make it correct in our mind.What does that have to do with poetry ......

    A Man's not suppose to cry
    are words you always hear,
    but it's part of being Human
    for the eyes to shed some tears,
    A Tear in it's mission
    spares neither young or old,
    it's just a way to release
    the pains or joys you hold,
    So before you tell ANYONE
    to keep it all inside,
    Be a Friend- Tell the TRUTH
    it's okay to cry......

    True expression is about saying what's on your mind, and that is also subjective!

    see what you've done now I've forgot the topic

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    Matt Locke

    Re: Anyone know anything about Poetry?

    I can agree with sheena when saying that the golden rule applies to all religions and schools of thought. Although my religious affiliation isn't really of concern(Zen atheist, if you must know), I think all schools of thought have that same principle of the golden rule, (with the exception of militarism and fascism), but it's just enough that the violence has to end somewhere. Where you choose to end it is your choice, and yours alone. But hell, this isn't my message board of philosophical thought, this isn't the place.

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    Sam Stinson

    Re: Anyone know anything about Poetry?

    Theres a time and season for everything under the Sun-- in the world that we live we must Know when the time calls for certain actions on our part for survival or the good of humanity. If you don't fight fire with fire when it calls for that then you'll perish. Our greatest asset is our ability to think! Take a moment to look around you, in the room you are sitting, everything you see was a thought in the mind of another human being, they made their thoughts and ideas become reality- so you can sit in a CHAIR, with PENCIL and PAPER and write about a world that YOU see or VISUALIZE!!!! Be more appreciative of these gifts and the people who made their dreams reality, and you won't mind being called crazy for wanting to build an ARK.

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    J. Casey

    Re: Anyone know anything about Poetry?

    Lighten up you guys! Teachers have been writting The Golden Rule on the blackboards in public shools for sixty years that I know about. Remember church and State are seperate and so are the two paragraphs.

    Take your books to school and follow the Golden Rule applies to every public student. Forthemore, I don't know of any Judeo/Christian Bible that can be cross referenced for the specific words, "The Golden Rule." However, isn't it nice that even in Silver Owl's wiccan beleif, the same rule applies.

    The same goes for the Alaskan Aleutes, Indians, and Eskimos, for they combine shamanism, other native beliefs with Russian Ortodx. But, if you don't think the Golden Rule applies on this PUBLIC forum, how can we expect you to be fair in helping other writers?

    We're on this forum to get help in writing books to be published.
    I think it's wise for any writer to remember seventy percent of the public of the public were're trying to sell to, is still Judeo/Christian and as Silver Owl says they have a rule meaning the same in waccan.

    Robert Bork, author of the New York Times bestseller, The Tempting of America; obtained permission from Simon & Schuster to reprisnt "the Second Coming" and the "rough beast" that the visionary poet W.Bl Yeats saw in 1919 and had first had copyrited in 1924,and published in Borks book, SLOUCHING TOWARDS GOMORRAHublished by HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. in 1996.

    Bork's nomination to the U.S. Surpeme Court shows he is considered one of America's fairest people emphasizing "The Golden Rule" and for Americans to stand up for their TRADITIONAL beliefs.

    You can often find Bill Bennett on "THE NO SPIN ZONE" on Bill O'Riley's THE FACTOR on FOX NEWS. For those who don't know, Bennett served as Director of the Office of National Drug Control
    under President George Bush and as Secretary of Educatoun and Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities underPresident Reagan. Dr. Bennett serves as co-director of Empower America, and is the John M. Olin Distifguished Fellow in Cultural Plolicy studies at the Heriatage Foundation.

    Dr. Bennett is the editor of the bestselling "Book of Virtues"
    and author of THE DEATH of OUTRAGE". He is explicit about the assault on American ideals and his belief in God and traditional values. To help rectify the disaster of public schools, he has started a program on the net to school students K
    thru 12.

    As far as poets, Robert Service may be dead, but he lives on. Just two miles from me is Robert Service High School. Service, Sam McGee, and Sam Stinson all know The Law of the Yukon, for the Great Northern Ruler makes her law plain. Sure enough, the Jezebel gives her bounty to those with grit that won't accept the death of outrage, and realize the palsied pimps will be slain.

    Those authors live into infinity and worth studing and emulating

    Again, good for you, Travis, for being "bold" and using your First Amendment Rights to politely say you didn't feel the presence of God in the poems and didn't intend to argue or debate. Now, ain't that a shame!

    Oh, Travis, you might want to remind our friends the Bible was the first book off of the press, and it's collection of stories has sold more than any other book in history.

    But I'm like you, it's probably better to spend that time praying.

    Hey,Sportsfan, what do you think the athiest will do if they find out there really is a God?

    Me, I'm just a darn sinner, but I'm going to take a little caution just in case there is a God. No one can prove there isn't one. Even the evolution theory is shot to hell with the DNA test proving we didn't evolve from monkeys.

    So hasta la bye bye to that subject.

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    J. Casey

    Re: Anyone know anything about Poetry?

    P.S. Travis

    That darn DNA testing blowing the evolution theory to bits ruiend all my fun just ah swinging from tree to tree and monkeying around with Tarzan. Oh well, at least I still have good old faithful Spot. I've had to whistle for Spot several times to nible on ankles and bring some supior giants to my eye level. That little divil is full of grit, even if he is imaginary.

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