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    Sam Stinson

    Re: homeless in America

    Listen to this advice from C. Sparks, she seems to have the best angle for you to follow. Remember we write to educate, entertain, and enlighten. Let your experience benefit you in a way that you can benefit others. J. Casey said "if you don't have a dime,you can't give a nickel!!". Write your story and take advantage of the help being offered to you right now. Write your story! WRITE YOUR STORY!!

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    Dan Peters

    Re: homeless in America

    I thank all of you for your support. It is important for me to see that this subject does matter. For to long i wondered if people really thought about Homelessness. For me the experences and lesson are with me everyday. Some of the most basic things in life im still trying to figure out. I think when something realy traumatic happens, people ethier block it out or let it eat them up. For me, writting this book is helping me deal with the things that i saw make sense. I have already written a very crude rough draft (alittle over a 100 pages). When i'm done, i hope to have some closer, and maybe give some forgotten faces a new life.

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